May 2015 Minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2015

Guild members present
Mandy Binder                         Lori Beck                                Emily Camerry Shath
Cheryl Rennick                       Joan Johnson                           Sue Ranta                   
Patricia Miller                          Mary Howell                           Cindy Swisher
John Geppert                           Elaine Hoemann                      Jan Jaecks
Linda Carlson                         Catherine Easton                     Theresa Vitzthum
Review April Minutes
·         No corrections

Missing Items List
·         None to report

Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $  X.XX
·         CD 1 balance:                         $  X.XX
·         CD 2 balance:                         $  X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:         See In house minutes

·         We were able to purchase a large amount of roving for spinning classes, this should last 4 years
·         Sue Ranta will be reimbursed for the cost of printing weaving instruction books
·         July 1 – 6 month studio fees are due if you did not already pay for the entire year
·         An updated roster is posted by the door.  If you are not on it, you have not paid 2015 dues.
Old Business
·         Overshot Project
o   No change

·         Tapestry Project
o   Joan started on red!!!

·         Demonstrations and Sales
o   We are no longer participating in Craft Sales but please remember we do still have items for sale
o   Aprons with The Guild logo are available to wear when demonstrating
§  When finished please wash, press and return to the demo tubs
o   7/18-7/19 – Camp Creek Threshers, Waverly – Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
§  Contact person - Linda
§  Set up Sat at 8am
§  Linda will post on event calendar
o   8/1-8/2 – Lancaster County Fair
§  Contact person - Patricia
o   8/8 – Seward County Fair, Seward, Ag building – 12-6
§  Contact person - Linda
§  We will be in a booth if any are available, if not we will be out in the open by the Pie Ladies
o   Aug-Oct – Old Cheney Farmer’s Market
§  Contact person  - Victoria
§  5/17,  6/21,  8/16,  9/20 (open house),  10/2,  10/18,
o   9/19/15 – 9/20/15 - Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   Sep – Prairie Hill Learning Center
§  We will not contact
o   Nov – Quilt Museum Sale
§  Sue will coordinate this event
o   5/16 - Tails and Trails – Humane Society Fund Raiser at Pinewood Bowl

·         Bright Lights Student Tour – no change
o   Kristin Meyer is a former weaving student.  She will be teaching a weaving class for 4th-6th graders next summer.  She has asked if she could bring the students to tour Studio for a field trip. 
o   Joan emailed Kristin 2 times to let her know we are interested in participating in her class and give her Linda’s contact information - Linda and Joan still have not heard from her yet.

·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   SCC Fall Class catalog
§  Class details must be submitted by May 18
·         Sue will submit an entry for a felting class
o   Fall Beginning Weaving Class – 10/3/15 – 11/21/15
o   No Fall Weaving 102
o   Double Warp Overlay class (Theo Mormonn based) – Oct
§  Limited to 9 students
§  Register by 7/1/15

·         Rug Show - Renew, Revise and Rekindle
o   No date – Show moved to 2016
§  The Lux does not meet our needs and have not been very welcoming, we’re looking for another venue
§  Cheryl will see if we can display at Westminster again
§  Suggestion to improve hanging hardware here at The Guild and dedicate a wall or room to Rugs

·         Printing
o   Directory
§  2nd draft is on the table in the education room please double check for corrections
§  Sue will bring a draft of membership and procedures for review

·         Studio Update
o   Will is planning on finishing the classroom floor in June
o   Committee to work on sprucing up The Studio
§  Catherine’s husband will replace ceiling in bathroom in June as well.
o   John has offered to mount the electric bobbin winder to the wall.  Location TBD.
o   Landlord
§  Front door lock is an interior lock and does not always work due to the weather.
·         Tom will not replace the lock until he sees it malfunctioning. 
o   His number will be posted by the door; if you are unable to get in call him to report the problem and let Theresa know so she can track how many times it has been reported.

New Business
·         Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   Sub-committees formed to focus on decisions that need to be made for our 1st Annual Sale
§  Advertising
·         Sue, Theresa and Tonya
o   Theresa is putting together a list of community calendars, will send the end of July
§  Organizing – submission criteria
·         Jan, Mary, Linda
§  Organizing – tracking, inventory, sales, set up etc
·         Mandy, Elaine – still looking for more help
§  Sue will provide a list of people / organizations to invite to the Open House / Annual Sale invitations will be ready to address and mail July 1st
§  Sue will print name tags, business cards and any signs we need

·         A Committee of members will get a working list of Studio / Guild items to sell (looms and redundant equipment)
o   Catherine, Cheryl and John
§  1 – 4 harness floor loom - $500
§  1 – 2 harness rug floor loom - $500
§  4 – 4 harness table looms - $150
§  Knitting machine
§  Spool rack
§  Tapestry loom
§  Yarn sales – ¼ cost of new

·         Motion 1:  Create an equipment fund account
o   Made by John, second by Cheryl Y=15, N=0, A=0

·         Motion 2:  Sell equipment selected and priced by committee
o   Made by Cheryl, second by Linda Y=15, N=0, A=0

·         Motion 3:  Funds from equipment identified by committee today to start equipment fund
o   Made by Cheryl, second by Sue and Emily, Y=15, N=0, A=0

§  None

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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