June 2015 Minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – June 13, 2015

Guild members present
Mandy Binder                         Joan Johnson                           Sue Ranta                   
Patricia Miller                          John Geppert                           Linda Carlson            
Theresa Vitzthum                    Tonya Leach Trickle               Jan Tooker
Review May Minutes
·         Approval of May minutes was tabled, will review in July meeting

Missing Items List
·         None to report

Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $   X.XX
·         CD 1 balance:                         $   X.XX
o   CD 2 balance:             $   X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:         See In-house Minutes
Old Business
·         Demonstrations and Sales
o   We discussed having a notebook for demonstrations for people to sign in and give us contact information.
o   Linda will send an email with sign up sheets
o   7/18-7/19 – Camp Creek Threshers, Waverly – Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
§  Contact person - Linda
§  Set up Sat at 8am
§  Spinners are needed
o   8/1-? – Lancaster County Fair
§  Contact person – Patricia
§  They want us 12N to 8PM, Sat 8/1 and Sat 8/8 – we will propose 8/1 and 8/9 but we will not commit to staying until 8pm.
o   8/8 – Seward County Fair, Seward, Ag building – 12-6
§  Contact person - Linda
§  We will be in a booth if any are available, if not we will be out in the open by the Pie Ladies
§  Spinners are needed
o   Aug-Oct – Old Cheney Farmer’s Market
§  Contact person  - Victoria
§   6/21,  8/16,  9/20 (open house),  10/2,  10/18
§  A weaver needed for 6/21/15 – Sue volunteered
o   9/19/15 – 9/20/15 - Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   Nov – Quilt Museum Sale
§  Sue will coordinate this event

·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   SCC Fall Class catalog
§  Sue was not able to get a class in the fall catalog; she only had a few days until the deadline.
o   Fall Beginning Weaving Class – 10/3/15 – 11/21/15
o   Double Warp Overlay class (Theo Mormonn based) – Oct
§  Limited to 9 students
§  Due to flooding at Jan’s she may decide to postpone this class –
§  Say it with me kids…”It’s supposed to be fun”…Right?
·         She will let us know when she decides

·         Printing
o   Directory
§  Copies are on the table in the education room, please take one (Thanks Jane)
·         Jan suggested adding Guild phone number and website

·         Studio Update
o   Will is planning on finishing the classroom floor in July
o   Committee to work on sprucing up The Studio
§  Catherine’s husband will replace ceiling in bathroom in July as well.
o   Cleaning will be done after floor and ceiling repairs
o   John mounted the electric bobbin winder to the wall just outside the classroom
§  If using please wear gloves to protect your hands
o   Landlord
§  Front door lock is an interior lock and does not always work due to the weather.
·         No incidents of the lock malfunctioning were reported to Theresa

New Business
·         Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   We combined the two organizing committees
§  Organizing – submission criteria, tracking, inventory, sales, set up etc         
·         Jan, Mary, Linda, Mandy and Elaine
§  Sue provided a list of people / organizations to invite to the Open House / Annual Sale invitations are on the table ready to address and mail July 1st
o   Deadline for artists’ submission of inventory list is August 29, 2015
o   All pieces must be tagged and submitted to the studio no later than September 12, 2015
o   Tonya has some nicer plastic bags she will donate for the sale
o   John will rig up some kind of backdrop to hang weavings in front of the student looms
·         John would like to update the loom inventory

§  Please check the garbage be sure to take it out to the dumpster by the light poles, Linda will take recyclables.

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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