July 2015 Minutes

Meeting of the Lincoln Weavers Guild,
             Saturday July 2015, 1pm

Attendees-Sue Ranta, Theresa Vitzthum, Tonya Leach-Trickel, Cindy Swisher, Victoria Hilton, Joan Johnson, Catherine Easton, Mary Howell, Patricia Miller, Jane Mailand, Cheryl Rennick, John Geppert

May Minutes- Approved- No corrections

June Minutes- Approved with Corrections- Johns comment “would like it updated”
Tonya’s Last name- Trickel

Treasury report- We are ahead of budget but need to keep Sales Tax and Square fees in mind.

Overshot project- Jan is working on hers, one was cut off, and another is close
  Reminder- the looms need to be Available at the beginning of august for the Theo Mormon Class.

Tapestry- Catherine says it’s moving along.

Rug group- Jan reminds us the looms need to be clean by august first, payment for the class is due by Aug 15. Guild and Studio Members -$50.00, Guild members $75.00 and $100.00 for all else. She will be e mailing us information about materials.
   The class runs Saturdays in October thru 2 pm.

Classes- Oct 3- Weaving 101 begins 3-5 pm
                 Jan    Weaving 102 weaving class begins

Entry way Key issues- NONE

Floor- We will need volunteers to help with moving looms, cleaning, and painting walls. Time frame is after the floor is done.

John has created some hanging devices for the show.

Equipment Inventory Committee- Nothing to report

Inventory list for sale- tapestry loom sold. Linda is on vacation.

            Superfair- check emails, looking to cover 1-2 Aug

            Camp Creek and Seward County – Demo looms are set up, who can help carry out was discussed.
Farmers Market- Aug 16th
            Cards- Mailed to all available addresses. Left overs are available
            Advertising-Advertising copy due to the radio stations first week of August.
A bill for printing will be submitted, post cards are done.
            Email master list updated, - Theresa

John showed us the Cash register he created in excel

Committee- Jan reviewed the rules, codes, tags, inventory check- in list and sales info. A paper copy was handed out. An electronic copy will be sent out. Inventory needs to be in by Sept 12.
                        Idea was raised to add a 2-3 digit code for names to help clarify who is who. Tonya will bring the bags.

Question was raised “Is the sale tax separate from the 10%? Who is paying the Credit card fees?

Motion was made to raise the guild commission to 15% to cover fees. Y-12 , N-0, A-0 MOTION CARRIED.

Question was raised “What to do with the donated items for sale?”– Answer -up to owner. Items on the wall will not be for sale and will be removed.
We will need e-mail address and phones for volunteers to use the square during the sale- volunteers with phone and service, as there will be no wifi.

A sign up sheet for working the show was passed around and will be on the board.
We may want to add a column for size to the inventory sheet.

Banner- Issue tabled until Oct meeting
It was decided to have no background for the show.

Joan has paint left over, and is donating it to repaint the doorway
Catherine- Spinoff duplicates on the table for perusal.
Sue- Cards designed by Catherine for sale 15.00 per box (water color art)
Catherine- has the originals for sale.

Tonya Leach-Trickel

Recording Secretary-in -Training

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