July Guild Minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2019

Guild Members Present: Diane Beckham, Mandy Binder, Kathy Blum, John Geppert, Sue Green, Rhonda Griess, Marijane Hancock, Mary Howell, Joan Johnson, Sue Ranta, Cheryl Rennick, Jan Tooker, Jerry Tooker, Rachel Wyatt,

Non-Members Present:   None

·         The Yarn Shop is having a retreat October 18-20, 2019 at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.  There will be workshops and vendors on site.  Call Mittra Nguyen at the Yarn Shop (402-570-8566) or check the Yarn Shop’s Facebook page for more information.

·         After Guild Meeting Programs
o   July (Mary H.) – Navaho weaving collection
o   August (Diane B.) – cinch weaving

Review June 2019 Minutes

Motion:                 Cheryl moved to approve the Minutes as written. 
                       Sue seconded. 
                                    Minutes approved as written by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report

·         Mandy deposited money into a CD, which will be reflected in next month’s budget.  We may have the option to combine our 3 CDs at some point and get a higher interest rate.

·         Documents pertaining to the June 2019 treasurer’s reports were reviewed.

·         We received the matching money from the Give to Lincoln Day campaign.

·         Treasurer Reports are located in a binder in the library area.

Motion:           Jan moved to approve the Treasurer’s Reports as written.
                                    Mary seconded. 
                        Motion carried.  
Reports on Past and Upcoming Events/Classes/Workshops:  

·         Weaving Van Gogh’s Palette – (Cheryl R.)  The planning group met today. 

o   At this time, it looks like there will be between 20-25 pieces in the show. 
o   Post cards with information about the show’s dates and location are available for members to pick up and send out.  Diane will send postcards to people on the guild contact list.
o   The cost for participants is $10.00. Others are welcome to donate. This money will go toward food and plates/cups for the First Friday Reception.  Please get the money to Mandy by the August 3, 2019 guild meeting. Cindy will buy food for the reception.  Joan is coordinating the drinks. Diane/Mary/Jan/Sue will each bring 2 bottles of wine.
o   Pieces for the show must be at the studio by August 29, 2019.  The hanging committee will take the items to the Lux on September 4th. 
o   Marijane will download Van Gogh images and make tags to be displayed next to the pieces being shown.  Members participating in the show will receive an email requesting specific information for the tags.  Please send the requested information to Marijane.  Along with the information sent to Marijane, please include a picture of the inspiration piece to ensure that the proper picture is downloaded and displayed.
o   Guest book – Jan will put a new guest book together.
o   Rachel is working on a poster to display at the First Friday Reception that will have information about the guild on it.
o   Rachel is also working on a Van Gogh show poster.
o   Sue will take pictures at the First Friday Reception.
o   All members, whether showing a piece or not, are encouraged to attend the First Friday Reception.  The reception is September 6, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  We would like guild members to mingle and be available to talk about the guild and/or the pieces on display.
o   Members are encouraged to wear guild shirts or aprons with the guild logo.
o   The next planning meeting is scheduled for noon on August 3, 2019.  All are welcome to attend.
o   Cheryl will ask Lux if we can have a show there in the Spring of 2021.  Be thinking about what theme we might like to have for the future show.

·         Fall Class (Cheryl R.) – The class is scheduled for October 19, 26, and November 2, 2019.  Cheryl and John are working on modifying the beginning instruction book. 

·         Rigid Heddle Class (Diane B.) – Diane is in the planning and development stages.  Class dates are to be determined but the class will likely begin in February 2020.  Information about the class will be submitted for inclusion in the Southeast Community College Winter Catalogue. 

Demonstration Schedule 

·         Homestead Days (Linda Carlson) – June 22, 2019    There was a lot of interest from adults and kids at this event.  Many who stopped by enjoyed getting on the looms.  It was a successful day. 

·         Maker’s Market SAC Museum (Rhonda Griess) – July 20, 2019     Rhonda G. and Diane B. are planning to demonstrate on a rigid heddle and a table loom.

·         Camp Creek (Jan Tooker) – July 20 -21, 2019      We are confirmed for this event.  Cheryl R., Linda C. and Jan T. are planning to demonstrate.  Additional volunteers are needed. 

·         Seward County Fair (Catherine Easton) – August 10, 2019    Diane, Linda, and Cheryl are planning to demonstrate.

·         Arbor Lodge (Joan Johnson) – October 26, 2019    Sue, Joan, Linda, Rhonda & Victoria are planning to demonstrate.

·         Quilt Museum (Jan Tooker) – Nov. 22 & 23, 2019    Jan T., Sue G., Mary H., Cheryl R., and Diane B. have volunteered to demonstrate and sell at this event.  Members are allowed to sell items.  The Quilt Museum takes 40% profit, so keep that in mind when pricing your items.  Additional volunteers are needed.

·         Arbor Lodge Christmas at the Mansion (Diane Beckham) – December 7, 2019   Diane B. and Kathy B. are planning to demonstrate. 

Old Business

·         Mouse traps – These have not been set yet.

·         New group project ideas based on the Robyn Spady workshop (Catherine E.) – No report
·         Storage Room (Cheryl R., Jan T., John G.) –  A storage unit for rigid heddles is in the room.  John will be making a rack for the tray tables. 

·         Linoleum – The guild has a role of linoleum for the entryway.  In the near future, the linoleum will be laid out somewhere in the studio so that it can be flattened out prior to being installed.

·         Bathroom Cabinetry – We need nicer cabinetry in the bathroom for cleaning supplies.  This will be addressed at a later date

·         Outside Sign & Handrail Improvements – John has made and hung a new sign above the guild entrance.  New handrails have been installed.  Next year we will replace the large sign on the side of the building on Cooper St and get the same type of sign to hang above the guild’s entry door.

·         YouTube video (John G. and Rachel W.) – The guild has a YouTube channel but it has not yet been made public.  No videos have yet been made.

·         Guild Sale and Open House – The guild sale and open house is October 5, 2019.  Members are encouraged to weave items for the sale.

·         Demonstrating at Sunday College View Farmer’s Market (Cheryl) – This item will be tabled until next year.

·         Monastery (Cheryl) – A 36” floor loom is being donated to the nuns.  They will have two looms.  Cheryl will be working with the nuns to help them plan their next projects.

·         Roster/Address Book (Cheryl) – The roster has been compiled.  The guild address book will include only members who have paid guild dues.  Contact information for former members will be available at the guild.

·         Equipment Rental Proposal (Cheryl, John, Diane) –   no report

·         Give to Lincoln Day (Mandy) – we received matching funds from the Lincoln Community Foundation.  Next year it is recommended that we inform people of our financial goal and how we intend to use any donated money.  Please be thinking about how we might like to spend the money.  We will discuss this further prior to next year’s Give to Lincoln Day.

·         Midwest Weavers’ Conference – Three people from the guild attended the Midwest Weavers’ Conference.  The next conference will be in two years.  The location has not yet been announced.

New Business

·         August Meeting Date – On August 10, 2019 (the scheduled day for the August guild meeting), several guild members will be demonstrating at the Seward County Fair.  Among topics to be discussed at the August meeting are the Van Gogh show and the guild sale and open house.

      Motion: Sue moved that we have the guild meeting on August 3, 2019 
                              Diane seconded
                        Motion carried   

·         Purchasing a New PC – The guild’s current PC cannot be updated to Windows 10.  Also, a file on the computer is corrupted and therefore we are not able to load any new software or programs onto the computer.  The PC has been looked at by someone knowledgeable about computers but the computer cannot be repaired.  What is already on the computer can be used.  We have the option of purchasing a used computer for $75.  The specs for the computer were sent out with the agenda for today’s meeting.  If we purchase the used computer, we will need a monitor.  Sue may have one to donate.

Motion: Marijane moved that the guild purchase the computer for $75.00
                                    Mandy seconded
                                    Motion carried

Items for follow-up at a later time

·         Emily S. traveled to Kyoto, Japan May 17 – 31, 2019.  Emily volunteered to present a program about her trip, probably sometime this winter.

·         At the August and September meetings, we will discuss whether to sell, donate or otherwise dispose of excess guild equipment including some of the 2-harness teaching looms.  We will vote on this at the September meeting.

·         At the October and November meetings we will work on developing a budget for 2020
Meeting Adjourned for Show and Tell & Presentation

Kathy Blum
Recording Secretary