What is the Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln?
The Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln (HWGL) is a diverse group of beginning to advanced weavers and artists who share an interest in the art of hand-weaving, spinning, and other fiber arts. The Guild offers educational opportunities and the exchange of ideas.

How much does it cost to get started?

Guild membership is:
$35 for renewals, $30 for your first year.

Studio membership is:
$180 annually or
$90 semi-annually or
$18.00 monthly

When is the Studio Open?
Saturday 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – mid afternoon
Times are approximate!
Studio members can use the studio at any time.

Do I need a loom to participate?
No. The Studio has many looms available for use. Looms are provided for all classes and workshops. If you want to work on a project of your own, you just need to be a studio member and work at the Studio. The studio has 4,6,8 and 10 harness floor looms of both the counterbalance and jack varieties.

Are there weaving lessons?
Yes. The Guild offers lessons several times per year. You can register for classes either directly with the Guild or through Southeast Community College. For dates just call the Studio and leave a message.

Beginning - through Southeast Community College
Weaving 101 - through the Studio
Workshops on various weaving styles and techniques given periodically

What kind of things can I make?
What you make is only limited by your imagination. Members have made rugs, tapestries, table runners, placemats, curtains, window dressings, scarves, table linens, book covers, guitar straps, etc.

Where do I get weaving supplies?
The Studio has everything you need to do virtually all of your weaving projects. There are also many fiber/weaving suppliers on the web available for mail order.

Does weaving require a large time commitment?
Beginning classes are three hours for 6 consecutive Saturdays. After that, weaving can take as little or as much time as you like.
No matter how accomplished you become as a weaver there is always something new to explore.

Are there other opportunities at the Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln?
Yes. There is also a rug and tapestry study group. The Rug/Tapestry Study Group was formed in 1999 as a “spin-off” of the Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln. It provides a more in-depth study of handwoven rugs. Members of the rug study group must be a current member of the HWGL and must pay an additional $5 annual fee.

Interested members show their rugs/tapestries at various galleries in Nebraska.

How is the Hand Weavers Guild different from the Studio?
The Studio provides a meeting place with a collection of everything needed for weaving. Classes are held at the studioj as well as Guild meetings. Studio members pay a fee to work on projects at the studio. These fees help provide funds for rent, utilities and other aspects to support the studio space.

The Guild refers to the group of weavers in general. Guild members have use of an extensive weaving library. In addition, the fellowship of a network of weavers offers Guild members a tremendous store of weaving experience.

Studio members must be members of the Guild. Not all Guild members are studio members.

Do you also do spinning and dying?
Yes. Many of the Guild members are accomplished spinners and dye their own fiber.

Is there also basket weaving?
Yes. While most of the weaving at the studio is cloth, workshops on basket weaving are also offered. Pine needle, rattan and sea grass baskets are just some of the styles that have been taught in past workshops.

How does the Guild library work?
Guild members may check-out books, magazines and CDs/videos. The library has an extensive collection of weaving books and subscriptions to Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, and Fiberarts magazines.

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