Rug Group Minutes July 7, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Members Present: Bonnie Luckey, John Geppert, Sharon Vandenack, Mary Zicafoose, Judy Lutgen, Jean Whitmore, Jan Tooker, Claire Ehernberger, Catherine Easton, Paula Churchill

Bonnie congratulated everyone on the wonderful exhibit at Burkholder and other R/T members shared positive comments they had received regarding the show.

Although Jane Marie and Liz Halsted could not be present at the meeting, they had contacted Bonnie via email about the possibility of exhibiting rugs, tapestries and baskets at the Graham Gallery in Hastings next year. After discussion, the group decided to plan a show at the Graham Gallery in Hastings for May, 2008. Jane and Liz will make the arrangements and let us know approximately how many pieces each member should produce. It was agreed that all pieces in the show would be new weavings.

With the new show in mind, Bonnie presented the idea of using a “study project” for the inspiration and focus of the show. In the May/June, 2007 issue of Handwoven magazine, pg.34-37, the article “Creating Palettes from Digital Images by Deborah Holcomb, includes step-by-step instructions on how to develop a color-way using your favorite photo or fabric swatch. After discussion, members decided to use this method as the theme of the show at the Graham Gallery in 2008. Every member is encouraged to bring a favorite photo or fabric swatch to the next R/T meeting. Members will then vote on their over-all favorite. Members will all use that same photo or swatch to create the colorway for their gallery piece. Members decided this would produce a very cohesive show, teaching color and computer techniques in the process! A brief explanation of the basic technique would be described in lay terms and placed in the exhibit so that people viewing the show would have an understanding of the process. It will be decided later whether individual “inspirations” will need to be included as well. Members will be free to use any weave structure or technique desired….the only stipulations are that the colors must be determined by the chosen swatch and that the weaving be a rug, tapestry or basket. It is assumed (and hoped) that each R/T member will produce AT LEAST one piece using this technique for the show. Since finding the “right” colors will be a crucial part of the process and not everyone dyes fiber, time will be of the essence. If the show hangs for the month of May, pieces will need to be finished by the middle of April, 2008. The necessary committees and deadlines will be determined at a later meeting.

Bonnie stated that this was her last meeting as R/T president and asked for a volunteer to assume the responsibility. John Geppert graciously volunteered to serve in that capacity.

John Geppert talked about whether a website for the group is needed or whether a Blog might work better. By using a Blog, R/T members could divide the responsibilities of keeping the site updated and people visiting the site could ask questions, etc. R/T Members could volunteer for a particular month and then submit information such as a personal weaving history, list a particular technique, photos of their work, etc. After discussion, members agreed that this is something the group is interested in doing. John agreed to look into how to set up the Blog and will report to the group in the near future.

Mary Zicafoose stated that the Omaha Guild received some money for hosting Midwest which will be used to host workshops over the next several years. Mary stated that one of the workshops will be given by a prominent tapestry weaver (possibly James Kohler or Sarah Swett) to be held late in 2008 or early 2009 (depending on instructor availability). R/T members would like to have the proposed “basic tapestry workshop” before an internationally-known tapestry artist workshop. Members also expressed the hope that the local workshop be held early enough so that they could use tapestry techniques for the Graham Gallery show. Shelda Baylor and Sharon Vandenack have agreed to organize and teach the “basic tapestry techniques” workshop. Sharon will contact Shelda as soon as possible and contact R/T members as soon as a date and details are finalized.

The Midwest Weavers Conference awarded several prizes to R/T members. Sharon Vandenack received the Libby Crawford award for her doubleweave wallhanging, which included a $150 prize and will be featured in Shuttle, Spindle, Dyepot later this year. Claire Ehernberger received an HGA award for Home Furnishings for her two upholstered dining chairs.

Jan Tooker presented information from the First Plymouth Church in Lincoln, seeking artist’s proposals for “A Cross Lincoln”. Design proposals are due Oct. 17, 2007. Interested members should contact Jan for details.

Next meeting: John will contact members with a date. Don’t forget to bring your “color inspiration” piece to the meeting.

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