April 2015 Minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2015

Guild members present
Mandy Binder                         Jan Tooker                               Tonya Leach-Trickel              
Cheryl Rennick                       Joan Johnson                           Sue Ranta                   
Patricia Miller                          Mary Howell                           Cindy Swisher
Lori Beck                                Jane Mailand                           John Geppert
Linda Carlson                         Catherine Easton                     Tricia Byrne
Theresa Vitzthum                    Peggy Junker              
Review February Minutes
·         Name Correction:  Margaret Luebcke
Missing Items List
·         None to report
Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $X.XX
·         CD 1 balance:                         $ X.XX
·         CD 2 balance:                         $ X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:         See in house minutes

·         2015 Insurance bill of $443 has been paid.
·         Incoming Money
o    $400 income from classes
§  $140 from Ukrainian Eggs
o   $25 donation for posting loom for sale for Maureen Ose
o   Unknown amount for yarn sales
·         An updated roster is posted by the door.  If you are not on it, you have not paid 2015 dues.
Old Business
·         Overshot Project
o   We have freed up another loom.

·         Demonstrations and Sales
o   We are no longer participating in Craft Sales but please remember we do still have items for sale
o   7/18-7/19 – Camp Creek Threshers, Waverly – Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
§  Set up Sat at 8am
o   8/1-8/2 – Lancaster County Fair
§  Passed to Patricia
o   8/8 – Seward County Fair, Seward
§  The date is set but times are not
o   Aug-Oct – Old Cheney Farmer’s Market
§  Still waiting for a response about dates, Linda will pass this to Victoria for follow up
o   9/19/15 – 9/20/15 - Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   Sep – Prairie Hill Learning Center
§  No contact yet
o   Nov – Quilt Museum Sale
§  Sue will coordinate this event
o   5/16 - Tails and Trails – Humane Society Fund Raiser at Pinewood Bowl

·         Bright Lights Student Tour
o   Kristin Meyer is a former weaving student.  She will be teaching a weaving class for 4th-6th graders next summer.  She has asked if she could bring the students to tour Studio for a field trip. 
o   Joan emailed Kristin 2 times to let her know we are interested in participating in her class and give her Linda’s contact information - Linda and Joan still have not heard from her yet.

·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Spinning Class – 4/4/15 – 5/9/15 
§  $45 to SCC - $35 material fee
§  3 students registered – 1 no show
o   Spring advanced weaving class 102 – 3/21/15 – 5/9/15
§  Extended to 8 weeks
§  There are 4 students from former classes interested
o   Ukrainian egg workshop – 3/21/15
§  Class went well, 8-9 attendees, had lots of fun
o   Double Warp Overlay class (Theo Mormonn based) – Oct
§  Limited to 9 students
§  Register by 7/1/15
o   Felting Workshop – TBA

·         Rug Show - Renew, Revise and Rekindle
o   Pieces to be completed by 9/15/15
§  The Lux does not meet our needs to the rug show, we’re looking for another venue
§  Next rug group is 4/25/15 at 1pm

·         Printing
o   Directory
§  Jan will take the draft and update the master list.  She will bring a copy of the updated list to the next Guild meeting for final review before printing

·         Studio Update
o   Will is planning on finishing the classroom floor in June, we need to look at painting and sprucing up the Studio.
o   Landlord
§  Front door lock is an interior lock and does not always work due to the weather.
§  There are a couple lights that need the valance replaced
·         Theresa will contact Lynn about replacing the door and locks with proper exterior door and hardware

New Business
·         Annual Guild Sale / Open House
o   Jan contacted a person from the Omaha Guild to ask about their very successful annual sale.  They were very helpful; they answered all of her questions and provided lots of paperwork about the sale.
§  They rent a community building for $400
§  Commissions vary depending on the financial status of the Guild every year
§  Entrance fee based on inventory -  inventory is cataloged prior to sale
·         $100 of inventory = $10 fee
·         $200 = $20…
o   We had a lot of discussion regarding this information and which aspects we think would work for us, which ones we didn’t think would work for us and advertising
o   Motion:  For the 2015 Guild Sale there will not be an entrance fee and the Guild would keep 10% of all sales.
§  Yes – 15
§  No – 1 (revoked)
§  Abstention – 1
o   Sub-committees were formed to focus on decisions that need to be made for our 1st Annual Sale
§  Advertising
·         Sue, Theresa and Tonya
§  Organizing
·         Jan, Mary, Linda
§  Sue will print a list of people / organizations to invite to the Open House / Annual Sale and leave it on the table. If you have any to add, please do so

·         Discussed possibly having a June Guild meeting.
o   Possible field trip to Jan’s for a demonstration of her computer controlled loom

·         Catherine accepted a loom donation from Jeannette Sheldon; thanks to everyone who helped with assembly
o   Loom valued at $8,000 - $10,000
o   Tapestry loom $1000
o   We have sold several hundred dollars of yarn and books
o   Catherine will get a plaque to mount on the loom

·         A Committee of members will get a working list of Studio / Guild items to sell (looms and redundant equipment)
o   Catherine, Cheryl and John

§  Joan hung a bulletin board by the bathroom to post items for sale

§  Omaha Guild open reception at the Botanical Garden
o   4/12/15 - 5/18/15 2-4 pm
o   Jan is going if anyone wants to ride together

§  Tonya donated some books and magazines to the Guild or members, whoever wants them.

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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