Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – December 13, 2014

Guild members present
Mandy Binder               Jan Tooker                    Tonya Leach                
Cheryl Rennick             Joan Johnson                Mary Howell                             
Sue Ranta                    Patricia Miller                Jan Jaecks
Theresa Vitzthum         Cindy Swisher              Jan Tooker
Linda Carlson               Victoria Hilton               Catherine Easton
Review November Minutes
·         No changes
Missing Items List
·         None to report
Treasures Report
·         Dues are due Jan 1, 2015
o    Membership renewal dues:  Guild - $35,  Studio - $180
o    Mail to Guild, give to Cheryl or put in black box
·         Any cash going in the black box must have a note attached stating what it is for
Old Business
·         Tapestry Workshop
o    Catherine requested a free form evaluation form every student
§  So far 1 has been submitted
·         Demonstrations and Sales
o    Motion:  In 2015 we will not participate in craft sales and move towards a more artistic presence in the community. – to be re-examined for 2016
§  Vote:   Yes-14, No-0, Abstain-1
§  Jane is concerned that our new direction may lose our “all inclusiveness” she urges us to use caution.
o    Linda will continue to be the contact person for demonstrations
§  Victoria will coordinate demonstrations at the Farmer’s Market
§  Patricia will coordinate demonstrations at the County Fair.
o    A running list of demonstrations will be maintained to be distributed at events 
·         Rug Show - Renew, Revise and Rekindle
o    Pieces to be done by 9/15/15
o    Next Rug Group 1/17/15 at 1 pm
·         Overshot Project
o    It’s moving along, looms should be freed up “soon”

New Business
·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o    Catherine is no longer teaching weaving classes, Cheryl is taking over both the beginning and advanced classes.  Catherine is encouraging volunteers to assist Cheryl with treasury duties.
o    Advanced weaving class   1/3/15 - 2/7/15 -  9:30-11:30 am
§  Jan will assist Cheryl
§  4-6 people
§  $50 plus cost of yarn – future classes will be $60 and include the instruction book
§  Project will be a twill runner, yarn will be ordered prior to the beginning of the class
§  Cheryl wants all students to be in the “overshot” room
·         Looms will be rearranged to accommodate students
o    Winter Beginning weaving class   1/10/15 - 2/28/15 -  3-5 pm
§  John will assist Cheryl
§  $45 to SCC, $35 material fee
o    Spinning Class – 4/4/15 – 5/9/15 
§  $45 to SCC - $35 material fee
o    Spring advanced weaving class
o    Possible Drafting class in 2015
o    Victoria Hilton wants to offer classes on plying, acid dye and natural dye
o    Sue Ranta wants to offer a felting workshop in January
o    Jan Tooker wants to offer a Theo Morrman class in late spring
o    John will hold Ukrainian egg workshop if anyone is interested
o    Jane Midland will offer a tatting class
o    If anyone would like to offer a 4 or 6 week class please let us know

·         Printing - Directory, brochures, invitations and cards
o    Sue got estimates for 250-500 two sided tri-fold brochure
§  Motion:  Purchase 250 brochures from Jacob North for $155.
·         Vote:   Yes-15, No-0, Abstain-0
·         John offered to pay up to $200 to cover the cost of printing
o    Catherine is painting 4 seasonal pictures to be used for 4x5 note cards. 
§  Catherine will sell the originals if anyone is interested in purchasing them.
§  The note cards will be sold as a set and/or used for Guild business
o    Sue will print more business cards

·         Bright Lights Student Tour
o    Kristin Meyer is a former weaving student.  She will be teaching a weaving class for 4th-6th graders next summer.  She has asked if she could bring the students to tour Studio for a field trip. 
o    Dates, times and number of students are yet to be determined.
§  Dates will be one of these weeks:  June 8-12, June 22-26 or July 6-10
§  Times will be either 9-noon or 1-4
o    Several people have volunteered to be at the Studio to assist with the tour.  Joan will contact Kristin to let her know we are excited about the tour.  Linda will coordinate this event.

Election of Officers
·         Treasurer
o    Cheryl request a back up to train for 2015 to take over in 2016
§  Motion : Cheryl Rennick and Mandy Binder to serve as co-treasurers for 2015
·         Vote:   Yes-15, No-0, Abstain-0
·         Corresponding Secretary
o    Joan is willing to continue this position
§  Motion : Joan Johnson to serve as Corresponding Secretary for 2015
·         Vote:   Yes-15, No-0, Abstain-0
·         Recording Secretary
o    Mandy is willing to continue this position with an apprentice to take over in 2016 due to treasurer responsibilities
§  Motion:  Mandy Binder to serve as Recording Secretary with Tonya Leach-Trickle to apprentice for 2015
·         Vote:   Yes-15, No-0, Abstain-0
·         President
o    Patricia is willing to continue this position
§  Motion:  Patricia Miller to serve as President for 2015
·         Vote:   Yes-15, No-0, Abstain-0
·         Catherine read a thank you note from Claire for the floral arrangement for Jerry’s funeral.
·         John announced that Joan is fully trained and certified as the Guild Librarian – John will no longer be performing these duties.

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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