Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2014

Guild members present
Mandy Binder               Jan Tooker                               Tonya Leach    
Cheryl Rennick             Joan Johnson                           Mary Howell                             
Sue Ranta                    Patricia Miller                                                                           
Review October Minutes

Missing Items List
·         None to report

Treasures Report
·         The Square account is up and running.  Cheryl used her email address.                                                                                                                      
Old Business
·         No Floods and the heater is working!! J
·         Demonstration / Sale Schedule
o    We received 2 new invitations to craft sales
§  Dec 6 - Cooper YMCA – Cost is $35
§  Dec 6 – Lancaster Even Center Sale – Cost is $55-$150
·         We decided to pass on both
o    Linda said managing both sales and demonstrations is too much for one person.  She suggests dividing the job to more people.
o    Nov 21-22  Quilt Museum Art Sale – 11-4 pm
·         Rug Show - Renew, Revise and Rekindle
o    Lux is willing but has not been confirmed
§  Pieces to be done by 9/15/15
§  Tapestries and Rugs only
§  Next Rug Group 1/17/15 at 1 pm
·         Overshot Project
o    No news
·         Workshop / Program
o    Jan will instruct class next year on the Theo Moormon Technique

New Business
·         Jan is concerned that we are spending too much time and energy on craft sales.  We need to remember the purpose of the Guild and focus on weaving, spinning, classes and demonstrations
o    Craft sales are not very profitable, are time consuming and distract us from the purpose of the Guild.
o    Omaha Guild has one annual sale the same weekend every year
§  It may take a few years to get a customer base.
·         This will be discussed more at future meetings
·         Upcoming Classes
o    Fall Beginning weaving class
§  Only 3 weeks left, it’s going well
§  1 person dropped out due to health issues.  Will take the winter beginning class.
§  7-8 students are interested in the advanced class
o    Advanced weaving class   1/3/15-2/7/15 -  9:30-11:30 am
§  Jan will assist Cheryl
§  $50 plus cost of yarn – future classes will be $60 and include the instruction book
§  Project will be a twill runner, yarn will be ordered prior to the beginning of the class
o    Winter Beginning weaving class   1/10/15-2/28/15 -  3-5 pm
§  John will assist Cheryl
§  $45 to SCC, $35 material supplies
o    Spinning Class in April
·         Printing - Directory, brochures, invitations and cards
o    Sue will get estimates for 250-500 two sided tri-fold brochure
o    Sue would also like to get 4x5 note cards with Guild art on the front, blank inside to send out for various reasons.  We are looking for ideas and suggestions for these.
o    Sue will print more business cards

·         Next Guild meeting Dec13th 12:00, bring treats / lunch to share
o    An email will be sent about dues to be mailed to the Studio

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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