Handweaver’s Guild of Lincoln
Monthly Meeting - October 18, 2014

Present were: Sue Ranta, Jan Jaecks, Mary Howell, Cheryl Rennick
Catherine Easton, Patricia Miller, Linda Carlson, Tricia Byrne, Joan Johnson,
Theresa Vitzthum, Lori Beck, Jan Tooker, Cindy Swisher, John Geppert and Peggy Junker. Joining as a new member was Tonya Leach.

Patricia called the meeting to order at 1:00. The minutes of the September meeting were approved as read.

501c3 status: Our status as a 501c3 corporation has been revoked by the IRS. Seems a card was supposed to be sent in annually, but we had no knowledge of this, did not return the cards and were subsequently dropped. Theresa and Cheryl have been looking into this. Theresa stated that we must totally reapply for 501c3 status at a cost of $400.
It was noted that our address has been updated to current. The card we will be looking for comes in the first quarter of the year.

Linda motioned that we reapply for 501c3 status as the major advantage is donations made to the Guild are then tax deductible.

The group voted to proceed with reapplying for 501c3 satus.

RUG GROUP:  There has been no meeting since the last Guild meeting. However, Jan noted that the Lux Center is interested in having us show at University Place.

The Lincoln Artist’s Guild is at Out of the Box, 48th and R Streets.

OVERSHOT: Catherine reported that some of the woven works have been removed from the looms.

TAPESTRY:  Catherine reported that there are 11 participants and that classes are going well. Tonya mentioned that the American Tapestry Show is in February of 2015. Also, February 6 – April 24, the American Tapestry Alliance will have its biannual show.

The latest heavy rain flooded the Education room, from a leak on the south of the building, behind the wallboard we put up. Two carpets were soaked and were removed and trashed. Will Rennick is willing to paint the floor next summer.

There was a motion by Jan Tooker to have Will repair and paint the floor. Seconded by Jan Jaecks. Motion passed.

OPEN HOUSE:  Successful. We sold about $100 worth of goods.

PRAIRIE HILL LEARNING CENTER:  Linda reported that she and Wanitta had a lot of fun going there to work with the children, and that it was a good experience.

OLD CHENEY MARKETS: Sue reported that the participants have enjoyed the event and answering the questions about weaving and spinning. We would like to take part four times next year if possible. We can’t sell, but we are good ambassadors for the Guild. We pass out information about the Guild and any upcoming classes.

SOUTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL CRAFTS FAIR:  This was a disappointment this year. There were fewer people buying and fewer vendors selling. Many sellers, us included, did not make back the cost to be part of the activity.

Patricia requested that each member donate one new thing to our sales to bring our stock more up to date.

Suggested an idea of selling a tree completely decorated with ornaments we made. Cost to enter the event in Denton is $25. We will demo weaving and spinning if we have a spinner.

Joan would like to take over as administrator for Facebook.

Sue mentioned that there were NO students for the last wet felting seminar. After discussion to determine if anyone was interested, it was decided to put off another class until after the first of the year, in the early Spring.

Cheryl wants the Guild to buy a rack to take to our crafts fairs.

Tonya brought up the idea of accepting credit cards, and has a “Square” she will loan/give us to use. There is no fee unless we have to manually enter the credit card number on the phone if the scanner does not work.

John motioned that we try the “Square.” Cheryl seconded.

Discussion about participating at the large crafts and art fair at Mahoney Park next year. Sue will follow up with a phone call to get more information.


Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Ranta  

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