Rug Tapestry Study Group Minutes
January 17, 2015

Present: Jan Tooker, Cheryl Rennick, Judy Lutgen, Mary Howell, Linda Carlson, Shelda Baylor

Theo Mooreman class will start October 3 and run for 4 weeks from 9:00 -3:00, and will be limited to 9 participants. Sign-up sheet is posted. Because of the need for 2 looms for each participant, we will need to have projects finished on studio looms as much as possible especially looms with 8 harnesses. TAKE NOTE OF THIS!!!

You will need 2 weights of linen warp, 8/5 and 8/2. Wool weft of your choosing, but you will need to make sure the size of the yarn is consistent throughout all layers of your piece. There is some wool available at the Studio.

Jan will provide some guidance with your design so that you will be able to learn several techniques for different effects.
Cost: Studio members $50, Guild-only members $75, non-members $100.

Pieces for show:
How many know what they’re going to make (rug vs tapestry)? Several.
How many have started? A few.
Anyone finished with a piece? Mary and Catherine have tapestries done.
Who is anticipating showing?

Questions for The Lux Center:
In order to schedule our show, do we need to show them the actual pieces, or just photos? Do we need to show them all, or a representation? Jan will be talking to them and will get back to us at the next meeting.
Next meeting February 21 at 1:00 p.m. Bring your specific ideas for the piece(s) you’re making for the show. Bring pictures of the piece(s) on the loom if you’ve already started, or of the piece(s) if it’s finished.

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