Rug/Tapestry Study Group Minutes Aug 10, 2013

Present: Linda Carlson, Joan Johnson, Sue Ranta, Ginny Griffin (friend of Sue’s from Illinois), Cheryl Rennick, John Geppert

Call Sue for an appointment, 402-423-5178. She would like to do this on Thursday, August 15 at the Studio.

Sue has printed the brochure – thanks Sue!

The following information needs to be given to Jan by September 1:
Title of piece,
Artist name,
Weaving structure,
Inspiration for the piece,
Price or NFS
If you’re using handspun yarn, must specify what percentage of the piece is handspun yarn.

Lori is organizing food for the Reception including paper goods. Everyone will need to bring finger foods (nothing requiring forks or spoons), beverages will be coffee, tea, ice water. Food needs to be at the church by 4:00 p.m. on October 4. Call Cheryl at church at 475-6702 ext. 105 if you need something special or have a question about your food. We will use the church’s serving pieces so you just need to bring the food.
Questions: Do we want to buy coffee to use, and how much? We could use the church plates, cups, etc. if there would be people to stay and help run them through the dishwasher afterwards. Then we’d only need to buy napkins. Will discuss further with Lori.

Linda is organizing cleanup which will primarily include washing serving pieces and cleaning up trash. She will need some help, especially if we use the church’s plates, cups, etc.

Postcards: Sue has finished them, they look great! And she also has postcards for the Open House so if you want to send both, she has envelopes too so they can both be mailed together.

We will also give postcards to those attending the Studio Open House to let them know about the upcoming show.

Sue has also done a poster (8½ x 11 size) that can be posted on bulletin boards in churches, coffee shops, etc. Plan to take them to post in the neighborhood store windows, etc. Places to post them include: Lincoln Art Guild, Lincoln Arts Council, Wendy Weiss at UNL’s Hillestad Gallery, College View Neighborhood Association, Country Club Neighborhood Association (the church belongs), Bread & Cup, coffee houses like Meadowlark, the Mill, The Yarn Store, Yarn Charm, International Quilt Museum, Omaha Weavers Guild, Hastings Weavers Guild, Southeast Community College. Please take one to a place you’ll be going to, and help us publicize our show.

Cheryl will post information in the church bulletin and newsletter, Jan will send info to her by Sept 15 (include postcard).

Jan will notify news outlets, community calendars, etc. including: Journal Star, local radio and television stations, Neighborhood Extra, Ground Zero, Lincoln Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and will list the opening reception in the “First Friday” listings. She will see if Cindy Lange-Kubick or Erin Anderson will do an article on the show. Also Handwoven has a news release that we will use.

Hanging: Catherine and Cheryl (we each don’t need to supply our own fishing line). Hanging will be in the morning on Sept. 30. Linda and Mary will help. Need to bring pieces to the Studio Sept 21 if at all possible so they can be taken to the church prior to our Open House.

Wendy Weiss is willing to do it – Linda will “host” Wendy, unlock the door, explain things, have the awards ready and post them on the pieces once she makes her choices. We will pay a stipend of $50 to Wendy for judging. (Cheryl needs Wendy’s name, address for making out the check). Linda will give her the check. Jan needs to tell Linda what time Wendy will be there.

Names on hangtags will be covered during the judging and pieces will be numbered for this.

We need to have a criteria sheet for her to give feedback as well as for her to circle quantifying information such as number, etc. Jan will talk to Wendy about what she’d like to have available to use. Send John the criteria and he will come up with something. Sue will make sign showing the public our criteria.

Jan will make ballots for People’s Choice.

Taking down: Lori & Mary will take the show down on Friday, November 1.

Costs: We need to calculate all costs soon so we can give people adequate warning before payment is expected. (divide among the 15 people showing, plus other rug group members (20?)

Awards – The actual awards will be printed on nice paper like a handmade paper as a border, with the name of the award printed on it, and will be hung on the wall next to the hangtag for each winning piece. (Criteria for each award is posted in the May minutes on the website.)
People’s Choice
Best Decorative Piece
Best Wearable Piece
Best First Entry
Best Weaving Using Handspun Yarn                    
Best Handspun Yarn
Handwoven’s WEAVING FOR THE HOME Award of Excellence

Deadlines: Please mark your calendar – you will need to remember these!

August 15:
Sue will be photographing any pieces that are ready at the Studio. Call her for an appointment: 402-423-5178.
September 1:
Hangtag/placard info to Jan. Postcards are ready to distribute for mailing
September 21:
Pieces due to the studio – weavings, wraps, tubes, etc. all must have weavers’ names on them. All items must be marked with their titles or other identifying information so the correct hangtag/placard is put up with the correct piece.
September 30, am:
Hang the show
September 30, pm:
Judging the show
October 4:
Opening reception 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Food must be brought to the church by 4:00 p.m.
November 1:
Take down the show
November 2:
Pieces ready to be picked up at the Studio

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