Guild Minutes July 13, 2013

The meeting was called to order by co-president Linda Carlson.

The attendance list has been misplaced.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved as were posted on our website. Everyone read them prior to the meeting.

Treasurer’s report:
Cheryl’s report was sent in.

We will pay Will Rennick for doing our floor when Cheryl receives a statement from him.

Old Business
Reports from Project Coordinators
1.  Rug Group – Jan Tooker

August 1 deadline for Rug Show and Open House postcards has been delayed. They are being printed now and will be available for everyone to take what they need shortly.
IF YOU ARE MAILING ANY CARDS they MUST have a return address label on them or they will be returned to you. You may use your own, or there are some HWGL stickers available.

September 1 – deadline for hangtag information to Jan so she can prepare the hang tags.

September 28 – All pieces being shown must be at the studio so they can be hung before the show.

October 4 – 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Our Rug Show Opening Reception.  Lori requests that you bring finger foods that will not require a fork or be gooey on fingers. Bring early enough so the food can be set out on trays prior to 5:00

Victoria mentioned that looms will be sold at the next UNL surplus auction. She will be going and was asked to purchase two looms for the studio.  Victoria motioned that a $50 limit be put on bidding for looms. Jan Seconded. Motion passed.

2.  Overshot Project – Catherine Easton
Overshot project is still ongoing. Some people are just getting started.

Planning for Open House
We need finger foods for our Open House September 28-29. There will a sign up sheet on the bulletin board.  Another sheet will be placed there for cleaning tasks.

There is leftover paint if anyone wants to paint the bathroom floor. It will need a good cleaning first. We also need to paint two damaged walls.

Planning for Demonstrations – need participants
Camp Creek Threshers Day – July 20
Seward County Fair – August 3  We need three more spinners.
Seward County Fair, Entries are due July 28th for the August 3-4 fair. Catherine will pick up and take your items to the fair if you would like her to.
Old Cheney Farmers Market – August 18 and October 13 – We need weavers.
A suggestion was made to have someone greet people at the Farmer’s Markets.  Ask the people to sign in so we can count how many people showed an interest. If we can get addresses, we can send invitation cards to those people to come to our Open House in September.

College View Neighborhood Association report from July 10 – Sue Ranta
Neighborhood Event: Sue said that the Neighborhood Association will be selling ad space in various forms to be distributed during the Neighborhood Community Event September 29. She stated that for $100, we will receive a business card size ad on fliers, our business logo on the event posters, and game piece participation.  In other words, people entering the game must visit the shops and businesses listed on the game sheet, and get stamps or stickers from the business to prove they were there.  When their game page is full, they may turn it in for a drawing for prizes. People will be coming in during our Open House.  We will be supplied with a stamp. The vote was in favor of spending the $100 to participate.

New Business
Newsletter - Victoria will edit Thrums, but wants help with content and photos.  She is able to create a newsletter only quarterly, perhaps more frequently.

Everyone please remember to check the calendar and minutes, etc. on our website,  It is updated frequently.

Show & Tell

Program following the meeting was “Bertha’s Files” by Catherine Easton

Respectfully submitted.

Sue Ranta

Recording Secretary

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