Minutes December 10, 2011

Present: Cheryl Rennick, Lori Beck, Gary Higgins, Catherine Easton, Jan Tooker, Jean Whitmore, Mary Howell, Shelda Baylor, Jane Mailer, Jan Jaecks, Henda Pretorius, Sharon Vandenack, John Geppert, Gayle Mason, Claire Ehernberger, Victoria Hilton, Sharon Valencia, Nancy Sutton

John asked Cheryl to start the meeting as he would be a little late.

Craft Sale summary: We made a $920 profit at the Southwood Lutheran Sale November 19. We had an excellent spot for our display, and sold a lot of scarves (especially skinny ones), felted critters, handspun yarn, and some temari balls. The inkle ornaments did not sell. Guild brochures were also handed out. Discussion ensued regarding whether we should do more sales, as there are lots of opportunities for craft sales in the city. We discussed the need for people to work the sales, as well as making things for sale. We also discussed various ways of getting our name out to the community in addition to craft sales, such as having pieces for sale at the Quilt Museum gift shop and demonstrating at various places.

Upcoming classes: Our next beginning weaving class starts January 14 and runs for 8 weeks, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. each Saturday. John and Cheryl will be teaching this. Cheryl will also be teaching an intermediate class (for those who have completed the beginning class) beginning January 14 for 4 weeks, from 10:00 – 12:00 each Saturday.

Annual Guild dues of $30 will be due January 1, 2012. Cheryl will send out statements to remind us. Annual Studio fees of $150 are also due in January. If you are paying every 6 months, the Studio fees are $75, and $15 monthly.

Officers for 2012: We voted in the following slate of officers:
Co-Presidents: Mary Howell and Catherine Easton
Treasurer: Cheryl Rennick
Recording Secretary: Sue Ranta
Corresponding Secretary: Jan Tooker will continue doing correspondence, Gayle Mason will help work on the web site updating.
Librarian: John Geppert, with Mary Howell working on the magazines

Other Discussion: We discussed the need to communicate electronically especially if a cancelation is necessary due to weather, etc. We talked about having a calling tree to reach those who do not have email or other electronic communication options. We noted that the HWGL does have a Facebook page, located at

Cheryl asked about magazines to renew – the consensus was to renew Spin-off and not to renew Knits.

Mary moved and Sharon V seconded to purchase the book Fleece to Fiber. Motion passed. Mary then moved and Gary seconded to purchase the book Big Book on Handspinning by Alden Amos. Motion passed.

Jan will post our upcoming classes and our program dates on the website/blog, and on Facebook.

Meeting was adjourned.

Jan Tooker
Secretary pro-tem

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