Guild Minutes November 12, 2011

John called the meeting to order at 1:13 pm.

Regarding the crafts sale;

John will sew hangers on the Temari balls.

We will donate a Temari ball with a stand for the silent auction at the crafts fair. Price $40.

Quilling package tags will sell for 6 for $5.

Sue will provide two folding chairs (padded!)

Jan loaned two Christmas Trees for us to hang Temari balls on for the sale.

Catherine and Cheryl will bring laundry racks for displays.

Sue has the sterling sheep pin which will be put into a gift box with black roving.

We have about 8 VHS tapes we would like to transfer to CD or DVD. Rockbrook Camera charges $30 for 2 hours – too much. Chuck Ranta may be able to transfer as soon as he learns how to do his own VHS tapes. He’s working on it.

We need a studio coordinator to keep track of needed supplies, know who is on which loom and to schedule cleaning of the studio. No volunteers yet.

Suggestion to have a cleaning day once a quarter.

Our party will be December 10 and will be a Christmas Tea. Bring tea cakes and other things that are festive for a Christmas tea.

Catherine will send a card to Phyllis.


Mobius scarves – Catherine and Paula – January 7th 11 am – cost $20 – bring lunch and a 46 inch circular needle, gauge is your choice. Use studio yarn or bring your own.

Needle Felting – Sue Ranta – February 18, 11 am to 3 pm. Bring lunch. Cost to be determined.

Tatting – Jane Mailand – March 17 – 11 am to 3 pm – bring lunch, More on what type of shuttle to bring later. Cost later.

Studio Project: Five looms are threaded and in use – Judy, Mary, Catherine X2, Lori and Jan. Still to be made ready: Sue, Cheryl, John, Victoria, Mandy, Karen and Linda.

We have expenses of $365 for rent, $58 for Windstream and $35 for electricity which will go up as we start using the space heaters. In October we took in $344.

At our Christmas meeting we will discuss ideas for next year’s demos and classes.

Ideas now – Thread a rigid heddle loom – ½ hour, Spinning program – ½ hour. We will also vote for officers.

Meeting adjourned 2:30. Present were Catherine Easston, Mary Howell, Jane Mailand, Cheryl Rennick, John Geppert and Sue Ranta.

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