Minutes January 14, 2012

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
January 14, 2012
Meeting Minutes

Catherine called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. Attending: Sue Ranta, Mary Howell, Sharon Vandenack, Gayle Mason, Catherine Easton John Geppert, Sharon Valencia, Henda Pretorius, Jean Whitmore, Cheryl Rennick, Jan Tooker and Mandy Binder, Lori Beck.

Jan read the minutes of the last meeting. We had an excellent profit from the Southwood Crafts Fair.

Annual dues are due; $150 per year studio fees and $30 per year membership dues.


Paula has been paid.

Jane has offered her yard for an outdoor crafts sale. Discussion ensued that we might sell our things early and then not have enough for the crafts at Southwood Lutheran in November. We have to commit to Southwood and pay for our booth in April.

We discussed holding a garage sale of “flea market” things we all want to get rid of. We tabled this discussion for another time.

We will be demonstrating at Camp Creek July 21 and 22. We will need volunteers to demonstrate weaving and spinning. This is an opportunity to find new members, sell a few things and let people try weaving.

We discussed doing demos at the Seward County Fair, August 1-5.

We are checking into the Farmer’s Market in Lincoln for the cost of a booth for one day.

Cheryl purchased two new books for the studio.
Titles are: The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook
And The Big Book of Handspinning by Alden Amos.


We are all volunteers here and must work harder to keep our space clean. Please pick up after yourself.

John will be the new studio coordinator. He will know who is weaving on which loom and which looms have sat unattended for a considerable time. He will get in touch with weavers with unfinished projects and owners who have left their looms here.

We need a new sign on the front door with times and a phone number. Sue Ranta will make one.

Workshop Coordinator: Sharon Valencia

Open House and Sale Manager – Henda Pretorius

Our open house will be in the fall, not on a home game Saturday. Advertising will be fliers in stores, articles in community calendars. We will have a guest book to capture names and addresses of attendees.

Sharon Valencia suggested a new member coordinator. No decision here.

We did decide that the membership directory needs serious updating. Jan will supply the database and Sue will lay out the book. After booklet is proofed and approved, Sue will print multiple copies.

Programs and dates to remember:

Feb 11, 2012 – Overshot group meeting after the 1:00 Guild meeting

February 18 – Needle Felting Workshop – two spaces still open

March 10th – 11:00 a.m., Rug/Tapestry Study Group Meeting. Guild meeting starts at 1:00, followed by program on rigid heddle weaving with Sue Ranta and Cindy Swisher.

March 17th Tatting Workshop - Jane Mailand will teach

March 24th – Ukranian eggs Workshop with John. 10 am until done (4 pm?) Fee:

April 14thGuild meeting at 1:00, program on spinning by Catherine

May 12 – Saturday, time to be determined – Paula Churchill and a tour of the weavings in Morrill Hall, in conjunction with our May Guild meeting. More on this later.

May 19th - Finish baskets at Catherine’s house 9:30 until dark

June we don’t have meetings or programs.

July 14thGuild meeting at 1:00 to review demonstration schedules and begin planning fall Open House

July 21 and 22 – Demo and sale at Camp Creek, Waverly

August 11 – 1:00 Guild meeting with program by Jan Tooker on

September 8th – 1:00 Guild meeting

October 11th –1:00 Guild meeting, program on computer designing by John and Cheryl

November 10th – 1:00 Guild meeting, program on dyeing by Sharon Vandenack.

November ? - Southwood crafts sale

December 8th – 1:00 Guild meeting – bring CHOCOLATE to share!


Lorraine Higgins, (Gary’s mother) passed away. Memorial service January 21, 11am at First Presbyterian Church, Beatrice. We all signed a card to be sent to Gary.

Sharon Vandenack is taking and compiling an order for Henry’s Attic (Wholesaler). If you want to place an order, call Sharon.

Joanne’s Fabrics offers a 10% discount to guild members, but you must have a membership card. Sue will make some.

Adjourned by Catherine

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ranta

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