Guild minutes April 10, 2010

Present: John Geppert, Paula Churchill, Jan Jaeks, Peggy Junker, Gary Higgins, Eva Bartlett, Mary Howell, Catherine Easton and Lori Beck.

Agenda items:
1. Approval March 13, 2010 minutes. Motion Mary, 2nd GaryMary, minutes approved.
2. Update on Navajo Rug Exhibit and HWGL volunteering:
Exhibit is called: A Turning Point-Navajo Exhibition
Location: Morrill Hall
30 Pieces
We will sew sleeves on the back of the pieces so that they can be hung.
The pieces will arrive sometime in May with our goal to be done by July 4.
Sign-up Sheet will be posted at the Studio.

3. “Loom Hog” Policy
We took a brief survey of the floor looms at the Studio (studio and privately owned).
We have several members on multiple looms: 4 looms, 3 looms and several 2 looms.
John proposed a written policy. Remaining present did not want to set a policy yet.
Gary motioned:
Jan write in the news letter a reminder to all members to attempt to finish his or her project in a timely fashion of let the Guild know if his or her project can be removed.
Peggy 2nd
Motion carried.
4. John would remind Cheryl Rennick to check with SCC about the fee/tuition structure so that we can make an adjustment for the fall session.

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