Guild Minutes May 8, 2010

Present: John Geppert, Jan Tooker, Mary Howell, Jan Jaecks, Peggy Junker, Mandy Binder, Jean Whitmore, Sharon Vandenack, Sue Rata, Paula Churchill, Karen Cantrell, Susan Gottfried, Victoria Hilton, Elise Kamphaus, Sharen Valencia, Cheryl Rennick, Catherine Easton

Agenda items:

1. Approval of March 13, 2010 minutes. Sue Motioned, Sharon 2nd, Minutes Approved.

2. Additional information on the Navajo Weaving exhibit.

Weavings will arrive May 18. Mary Zicafoose and Sharon will verify that none of the pieces are damaged on May 19. There is a sign-up sheet posted at the studio on the filing cabinet.

3. Information about the State Fair has been emailed to each member and Jan will also post it on the website.

4. There will be no distinction between Spinners and Weavers. All rules and procedures that apply to weavers also apply to spinners. Specifically, spinners must join the Guild and pay Studio fees if they want to use the Studio and its resources outside the usual times the Studio is open. Individuals who store their spinning wheels at the Studio agree to let Guild members use the wheel at the Studio in exchange for free storage.

Motioned by Sharon, 2nd by Jean Motion carried.

5. New Business

Catherine will teach the beginning class in the Fall – other guild members will help her as needed.


The Guild will participate in the Camp Creek Threshers Antique Tractor show in July as we have done in the past. A reminder will be sent out for volunteers in July.

7. The HWGL will not have formal meetings in the summer. Regular meetings will resume in September. The rug group will meet according to the schedule distributed. Reminders will be emailed to the Rug Group members.

8. We had several nice “Show-and-Tell” pieces.
9. Paula, Sharon and Karen gave a nice discussion of different fibers they have spun with samples. Thanks for the mini-program.

10. We discussed possibly sharing wireless internet with a business in the building.

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