Rug Tapestry Study Group Minutes

February 13, 2010

Members present: John Geppert, Cheryl Rennick, Jan Tooker, Shelda Baylor, Jean Whitmore, Paula Churchill, Sharon Vandenack, Lori Beck, Mary Howell, and Judy Lutgen.

Agenda Items
1. Set calendar for the Burkholder and Rug and Tapestry Show and get volunteers

Rug Show To Do List:

Make Poster Explaining Fibonacci
John Geppert

Submit Card Design for the Announcements/Invitations
June 12
All Encouraged

Vote on Card Design for the Announcements/Invitations
July 10
Members present

Announcement Card Order to Printer
July 10
Jan Tooker

Announcement Cards Delivered (or to Studio)
Aug 14
Jan Tooker

Tags for labeling the pieces to the Studio or to Jan Tooker
Aug 14
All participants
Tag information must include:
Title of Piece
Artist Name
Fiber / Material
Weaving Structure
Price or NFS (Not For Sale)

Pieces to Studio (ready to hang and identified with above information)
Sep 25
All participants

Finished Tags to the Studio
Sep 25
Jan Tooker

Hang Pieces at the Burkholder
Sep 29 or 30
Catherine Eastman, Paula Churchill & Sharon Vandenack

Take Photos
Oct 1
Lori Beck & Cheryl Rennick

Show Opening
Oct 1

Take Down pieces
Oct 29 or 30
Mary Howell & Cheryl Rennick

Put together an album of the Show
Lori Beck

2. Show and Tell
Several really nice pieces were shown, check web site for pictures.

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