HWGL Minutes June 14, 2008

Present: Nancy S, Judy L, Lori B, Claire E, Cheryl R, Jan T, John G.

An anonymous person has donated a wet/dry shop vacuum. THANK YOU to whoever you are!

John presented account balances and paid membership lists, which are posted at the Studio next to the computer.

John has made many improvements to the Studio due to the Beautification Fund, including painting and other improvements in the entryway and the bathroom, the sorting and labeling of supplies in the west room (next to the classroom), covering of the south classroom wall, painting and recovering some of the chairs, and other improvements in the classroom. Next projects include further work on cleaning up and labeling supplies in the west room, cleaning out the store room to make things easier to find and to make room for more items in there, making more space available in the rest of the studio rooms.

It was suggested we compile a list of projects that any of us could help with, that could be done on our own schedule, so John doesn’t have to do it all himself. John agreed to put together a list. He said that in the future we would have a weekend where much of the studio will be painted; many of us will be needed to help with that. Several at today’s meeting offered to come tomorrow morning to help clean out the storeroom.

Be watching for a table of items that will become available for a reasonable donation, as we clean things out.

Our next meeting will be at 1:00 on Saturday, July 12.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Tooker

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