Rug Tapestry Study Group Minutes - April 12, 2008

Rug Tapestry Study Group Minutes, April 12, 2008

15 people were in attendance at the meeting.

We decided to set initial Rug Study Group dues for 2008 as $20 dollars to cover the expenses for the Rug Show.

The single biggest item for the show is the postage for the show announcement. For card printing and postage we anticipate a maximum cost of approximately $290.
Bonnie made a motion and Liz seconded to have initial dues of $20 per rug group member (whether or not he or she is participating in the show) with the remaining cost of the show split evenly among all the rug group members whether or not they are participating in the show.
Vote passed and rug group members paid a total of $300 at the meeting.

Rug group members got their wrap cards and instructions. Liz took some finished rugs and wrap cards with her.

We had show-and-tell and took pictures. Jan agreed to make a collage of the pictures for the show announcement card. Jan will get this to Liz by May 1.

Finished wrap cards should be put in the BOX ON THE FILE CABNET to the right on the wall where the teaching looms are hanging. Make sure that you write your name on the back of the wrap and indicate which piece it goes with if you have more than one piece. The wrap cards are due by May 17th.

Finished pieces are due to the Studio by May 17th. Make sure you label your piece so that it is clear to the hanger how it should be labeled.

Liz, Jan and Lori agreed to get the rugs to Hastings on May 17th.

Finished announcement postcards will be IN A BOX ON THE COMPUTER TABLE. Take only what you need.

John agreed to buy a poster of the inspiration piece and write a description of how it is our inspiration.

FOOD: Bring whatever you believe is appropriate for a showing.
The Gallery will provide drinks and cutlery. Bring food by 5:00 PM the day of the show
The Show Opening is June 7, 2008 6 PM to 8 PM

Rug members should think of a theme for next year’s show and a possible gallery. Bring these ideas to the May 17th meeting.
Car pooling arrangements will be decided at the May 17th meeting.

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