Studio Receives Facelift

How's this for a welcoming entrance? If you haven't been to the studio lately, you'll want to stop by and see the statement our entrance makes now! A much improved first impression, thanks to John and his can of paint! This area is where we will be showcasing the work of some of our weavers, so plan to make something to add to the space in the future.

(Click on any picture to see a larger image)

Classroom gets a new look! Notice the surface of the wall behind the hanging table looms. And what happened to the ugly pipe up by the ceiling?

It's going to be so easy to find your needed supplies on these well-organized shelves. And just as easy to put things away, because it is so easy to tell where they go!

No need to be squeamish if you find yourself using the bathroom, it's got a whole new look!

These and many more improvements are waiting for you when you stop by the Studio; things are changing all the time! You can still donate to the Studio Beautification Fund by mailing a check to John Geppert, 7440 N. Hampton Rd, Lincoln, NE 68506, or you can leave it in an envelope for him at the Studio, in the box by the computer. You will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. You can also send John a thank you note for all the fine work he has done on the Studio!

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