November 2016 minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2016

Guild members present
Mandy Binder             Linda Carlson             Emily Cameron Shattil            Catherine Easton Claire Ehernberger     John Geppert               Elaine Hoemann                      Mary Howell      Joan Johnson              Jane Mailand               Sue Ranta                                Jan Tooker
Jean Whitmore                          

Review October Minutes
·         Dee Knisely moved into The Legacy, donated all her weaving supplies to The Guild
·         Kathy brought some thread in to see if its acceptable but did not purchase supplies for the Ukrainian Egg Workshop.  John will be purchasing supplies for the workshop.

·         None 
Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $   X.XX
o   CD 1 balance:             $   X.XX
o   CD 2 balance:             $   X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:       $  See In-house minutes
·         John will double check the balance of the CD 1, it should not have decreased as no withdrawals have been made. – difference of $4.06
·         John will provide the numbers for the Rag Rug Rodeo and Walk in and Weave to report how much money the Studio made from these projects in the yearend financial report.

Guild Groups / Projects / Classes
·         Overshot Project – No updates
·         Rug Group
o   Rug Show at Civic Center in Seward – 2018 April and May
o   Will meet in January to brainstorm ideas
·         Space Committee – no updates
·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Tamari Balls – 12/3/16 – 9a to 1p ish
§  Cost is $20
§  No limit on class size
§  John will send an email about registering for the class, if interested simply reply to his email with color preferences
o   Beginning Weaving Fall Class – 10/1/16 – 11/19/16 3 – 5p
§  Going well and quickly,  3 students are excited and will probably enroll in 102 class
§  Cheryl will be moving fall beginning class to mornings, will start 3rd week in Oct for 6 weeks and extend class time by 30 min each.
o   Beginning Weaving Winter Class – 1/7/17 – 2/25/17  3 – 5p
§  $80 for non-member (SCC $45, class fee $35)
§  $35 for member if there is room in the class
o   Advanced Weaving – 1/7/17 – 2/25/17  9:30 – 11:30a
§  Open to students who have taken Beginning Weaving, Ridged Heddle or Walk in and Weave
§  $50 for non-members
o   Walk in and Weave
§  $60 if using Studio weft
§  $40 if using your own weft
o   Ridged Heddle Class – Sue and Cindy  -  10/30/16 and 11/6/16 1:30 – 4:30
§  Class went well, next class will begin in January.
§  3 students will be repeating the class.  Class is already full.
o   Beginning Spinning – 4/1/17 – 5/6/17  3-5
o   St Mary’s College has asked us to host a Basket Weaving Workshop at no cost to us.  We all agreed this would be a good opportunity for us but we have some questions:
§  What is the maximum number of students?
§  Will the workshop be held at The Studio or at The College?
§  How much prepping and time commitment is needed?
§  What is the schedule and is it flexible?
o   Robyn Spady – Cutting Loose with Tied Weaves – 9/15/18 – 9/16/18
§  Cost – TBD
§  All 8 harness looms must be freed up by August 1st 2018, notices will be posted on these looms.

·         Demonstrations
o   Arbor Lodge State Historical Park Living History Celebration – 10/29/16
§  Went well, they are interested in having us back next year.  We requested expected date in January so we can get it on the schedule.
o   Prairie Hill – 10/8/16
§  Tricia and Theresa volunteered to work this demonstration.  It was a little windy but had a great time.  They both would like to keep this demo on the schedule for 2017.
o   Homestead Days - 6/23/17 – 6/26/17

Old Business
·         Quilt Center Art Market – 11/18/16 4-8p, 11/19/16 10a-4p
o   Jan, Catherine and Mary will be participating in the sale.

New Business 
·         Start thing of fun new workshop ideas to create items for our Annual Sale
o   Dishtowels
o   Placemats
o   Scarves
o   Baby blankets
o   Rugs
·         We need to update the loom inventory and go through the card catalog
·         When you are done with a loom please clean under and around it
·         Please clean up after yourself in general
·         Mid Plains Fiber Fair – York NE
o   4/22/17 – 4/23/17
o   Classes, Vendors and Demonstrations
·         Programs
o   12/10/16 – Bring anything you have been working on, fiber related or not.
§   Raffle for prize – Catherine’s Poinsettia Tamari Ball
§  Bring food for a holiday pot luck
§  Bring ideas for Programs and Workshops, programs do not have to be after the monthly Guild Meetings
§  Election of Officers
·         Teaching Assistance for Weaving Classes
o   Jan is looking for ideas for workshops, 30 min long on days there is no class after our Guild Meeting.
§  KAREN – is a group of refugee Indonesian women.  They are looking for donations of fine thread for backstrap weaving.  Joan will look through Dee’s donations for this and will see if they will come and demonstrate for us.
§  Finishing

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary 

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