December 2016 minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2016

Guild members present
Lori Beck                                Mandy Binder             Kathy Blum                Linda Carlson
Emily Cameron Shattil            Barb Dickason            Catherine Easton         Claire Ehernberger
John Geppert                          Victoria Hilton            Elaine Hoemann          Mary Howell
Jan Jaecks                               Joan Johnson              Jane Mailand                Sue Ranta       
Jan Tooker                               Jean Whitmore                                   

Review November Minutes
·         Correction:  KAREN – is a group of refugee Burmese women.  They are looking for donations of fine thread for backstrap weaving.  Joan will look through Dee’s donations for this and will see if they will come and demonstrate for us.

·         To accept 2017 Officer and leadership positions as listed in Dec agenda
o   Made by Cheryl – 2nd by Sue
o   Discussion – none
o   Vote  -  Y – 18, N – 0, A – 0
o   President:  Jan Tooker
o   Recording Secretary:  Mandy Binder
o   Corresponding Secretary:  Joan Johnson
o   Treasurer: John Geppert
o   Demonstrations Coordinator: Linda Carlson
o   Rug/Tapestry Study Group Chairperson:  John Geppert
o   Sale Committee:  Jan Tooker, Elaine Hoeman, Mandy Binder, Cheryl Rennick, Victoria Hilton
o   Open House Committee
§  Cleaning:  Kathy Blum
§  Food:  Lori Beck
§  Demonstrations:  Linda Carlson
§  Publicity:  Jan Tooker (Cheryl will take care of printing)
§  Arranging looms, space in Studio:  John Geppert
o   Class Helpers
§  Cheryl, Winter Beginning Weaving:  John Geppert and Elaine Hoemann
§  Cheryl, Winter Advanced Weaving:  Jan Tooker and Elaine Hoemann
§  Victoria, Beginning Spinning:  Jerry Tooker
§  Cheryl, Fall Beginning Weaving:  John Geppert
Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $   X.XX
o   CD 1 balance:             $   X.XX
o   CD 2 balance:             $   X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:       $  See In-house minutes           
·         As far as John can tell The Guild made $410 from the Rag Rug Rodeo and $250 from Walk in and Weave.
Guild Groups / Projects / Classes
·         Overshot Project – No updates
·         Rug Group
o   Will be meeting 1/21/17 at The Studio at 12:00 noon to discuss ideas and interpretation of the theme
·         Space Committee – no updates
·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Tamari Balls – 12/3/16
§  6-7 people attended, it went well, will do it again
o   Beginning Weaving Winter Class – 1/7/17 – 2/25/17  3 – 5p
§  $80 for non-member (SCC $45, class fee $35)
§  $35 for member if there is room in the class
o   Advanced Weaving – 1/7/17 – 2/25/17  9:30 – 11:30a
§  Open to students who have taken Beginning Weaving, Ridged Heddle or Walk in and Weave
§  $50 for non-members
o   Walk in and Weave
§  $60 if using Studio weft
§  $40 if using your own weft
o   Ridged Heddle Class – Sue and Cindy  -  1/29/17 – 2/12/17   1:30– 4:30
§  There are 2 openings left.
o   Beginning Spinning – 4/1/17 – 5/6/17  3-5
§  Former students were invited to sit in
o   Fall Beginning Weaving – 10/21/17 – 11/2/17
o   Catherine is willing to teach 1 class, she has been asked to do a tapestry class and a basket class.  Guild members present voted for baskets.  Dates, times and patterns TBD.  Probably Saturday afternoons in October.
o   St Mary’s College has asked us to host a Basket Weaving Workshop at no cost to us.  We all agreed this would be a good opportunity for us but we have some questions:
§  What is the maximum number of students?
§  Will the workshop be held at The Studio or at The College?
§  How much prepping and time commitment is needed?
§  What is the schedule and is it flexible?
o   Robyn Spady – Cutting Loose with Tied Weaves – 9/15/18 – 9/16/18
§  Cost – TBD
§  All 8 harness looms must be freed up by August 1st 2018, notices will be posted on these looms.
·         Demonstrations
o   Big thanks from Linda to all volunteers who participated
o   Linda contacted all 10 organizations we demonstrated with about getting 2017 dates by 1/13/17
o   10,000 Villages – 3/8 – Sue
o   Homestead Days - 6/23 – 6/26 – Linda
§  10/4 – 10/6 – Pioneer Days – 1 spinner
§  9/2 and 10/4 – Living History
o   Camp Creek – 7/15 – 7/16 – Linda
o   Lancaster Super Fair – August – Trisha
o   Seward County Fair – August – Linda
o   Joslyn Art Museum – August – Linda
o   Arbor Lodge – Sept/Oct – Joan
o   Prairie Hill – Oct – Trisha
o   Old Cheney Farmers Market – Aug / Oct - Linda
Old Business
o   Sale Yarn – we need to free up space, please look through it and make some purchase if you are interested 
New Business 
o   In January we will discuss a workshop or project like the Rag Rug Rodeo to make items for our 3rd Annual Sale scheduled for the 1st Sat in Oct - 10/7/17
§  Dishtowels
§  Placemats
§  Scarves
§  Baby blankets
§  Rugs

·         Elaine will be taking some needle felting classes from Rhonda McClure in Wahoo – She raises merino cross sheep if you are interested in fiber let her know.
·         Mid Plains Fiber Fair – York NE
o   4/22/17 – 4/23/17
o   Classes, Vendors and Demonstrations
·         Programs
o   If you come across a YouTube video of something new you would like to share let Jan know

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary 

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