August 2016 minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – August 6, 2016

Guild members present
Mandy Binder             Linda Carlson             Emily Cameron Shattil       Catherine Easton
John Geppert               Jan Jaecks                    Joan Johnson                       Tonya Leach      
Sue Ranta                    Cheryl Rennick           Cynthia Swisher                  Jan Tooker                  Jean Whitmore        Jennifer Barnason       Kathy Blum

Review July Minutes
·         Correction:  Joslyn Museum - Textile Arts Celebrations is 8/13/16 10a-5p
·         Correction:  Lori is collecting money for food for the Open House

·         To use the $25 Rag Rug Rodeo participation fees to purchase carpet warp for the Studio
o   Made by Cheryl
o   Discussion – How much money has been collected for participation fees? – Total collected is $175
o   Vote  -  Y – 15, N – 0, A – 0
·         To order 100 cards for Open House invitation to mail to friends of the Guild
o   Made by Cheryl – 2nd by Linda
o   Discussion – If available please come to the Studio to address and stamp post cards.
o   Vote  -  Y – 15, N – 0, A – 0
·         To purchase 7 drop spindles for sale by Tonya for $5 each, for use in spinning class
o   Made by Cheryl – 2nd by Linda
o   Discussion – none
o   Vote  -  Y – 15, N – 0, A – 0

Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $   X.XX
o   CD 1 balance:             $   X.XX
o   CD 2 balance:             $   X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:       $  See In-house minutes
·         Deposit today $111

Guild Groups / Projects / Classes
·         Overshot Project
o   No change

·         Rug Group
o   Redpath Gallery in Seward will charge $250 per month for the Rug Show.  We have declined use of the Gallery and are no looking for a new venue for April / May 2018.
o   Emily will check and see if Unitarian Church is available and how much space is available.

·         Space Committee – no updates
·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Advertisements for any additional classes to be published in SCC winter catalog needs to be submitted by Wednesday.
o   Walk in and Weave – 6/26/16 – 1-4
§  We had 4 participants and completed 6 projects
§  The class is done but looms are still warped if you would like to participate without instruction.  Must be a studio member and pay material costs.
§  Catherine will not head this class / project next time
o   Rag Rug Rodeo – 8/19/16 – 8/21/16  9a – 9p each day
§  3 looms to finish threading
§  Food list on the white board
o   Beginning Weaving Fall Class – 10/1/16 – 11/19/16 3 – 5p
o   Ridged Heddle Class – Sue and Cindy  -  10/30/16 and 11/6/16 1:30 – 4:30
§  Sue and Cindy will choose what yarn type students should purchase and Yarn Charm giving students a 10% discount
§  4 scarf patterns for each student to choose from
§  1 more space to fill
§  Fliers are made
o   Tamari Balls – 12/3/16
§  John will need to know how many people are interested, and how many need kits
o   Advanced Weaving 102 – 1/7/17?
§  Not advertised in SCC catalog
o   Robyn Spady – Cutting Loose with Tied Weaves – 9/15/18 – 9/16/18
§  $500 per day, plus meals (booked before rate increase)
§  Details TBD – times, cost, class limit etc
§  Is the Guild paying all fees or will participants pay?

·         Demonstrations
o   Thank you Linda for working so hard to coordinate our demonstrations again this year
o   Linda also thanks all who helped with Demonstrations
o   Camp Creek  -  7/16  8a-5p   7/17/16  8a-4p
§  Went well
o   Seward County Fair  -  8/6/16 1p-5p
§  Location change
o   Lancaster County Super Fair - 8/6/16 – 8/7/16
§  Going well – space is small
o   Old Cheney Farmers Market – Still no response, will assume we do not have this option for demonstrations this year
o   Joslyn Museum - Textile Arts Celebrations 8/3/16 10a-5p
§  2 weaving guilds will be present
o   Arbor Lodge State Historical Park Living History Celebration
§  7 weekends long in Sept and Oct, we have been invited to participate in 1 or more weekends
§  Allowed to sell pieces
§  Joan volunteered to coordinate
§  Please respond to Doddle Bug if you are interested in volunteering
o   Homestead Days - 6/23/17 – 6/26/17

·         Open House / Sales - 9/10/16  10a – 5p
o   Cleaning Committee – Kathy Blum
§  A cleaning check off sheet has been posted on the bulletin board next to the door, as you complete a task please check it off
§  Cleaning days 8/20/16 and 8/27/16
§  Use Spic and Span only on floor
§  Dusting, vacuuming and moping
§  No oil or polish on looms, Swifer only
o   Studio Update
§  Will to update some lighting in Studio
o   Publicity
§  A rough draft of the 4X6 invitation
§  4 color both sided – 1 side glossy, 1 side mat
§  $40.80 + shipping for 500 cards
§  Sue is still working on the list of Guild friends to invite, if you have a person or group to add please email names and addresses to Jean; CC Sue
§  Will also send e-vites
o   Food
§  Lori needs money for food – she will make a list of people who have already contributed
o   Sales Committee
§  7/30 – 1pm meeting
§  8/20/16 – list of what you will be submitting for sale is due
§  9/3/16 – all tagged items for sale due to Studio for inventory
§  9/7/16 – Need volunteers to hang the sale
§  Please read all information about the Sale and pay attention to dates
§  Signup sheet to work Open House / Sale on white board
§  Discussion on rotating Sales Committee members
§  If you have items in sale you must work a shift during the sale

Old Business
·         We are still waiting for an estimate on the new sign to hang over the door

New Business 
·         Will replaced light fixtures - $88
·         Waiting for Lynn to get told broken light out of entry way
·         Johan’s husband Jerry will look at the bathroom faucet to see if a new washer will fix the leak

·         Quilt Center Art Market – 11/18/16 4-8p, 11/19/16 10a-4p
o   We have been invited to participate again this year, weavings only.
o   Will now accept Visa and Mastercard
o   If interested in participating email Board Member Nesha Schumann at 
·         New interest group – Navaho
o   Inspired by Navaho workshop attend by Catherine, Joan, Cheryl and Tonya
o   2nd and 4th Sat every month
o   No agenda, meetings or classes
o   Just for fun to weave together
·         Tonya brought fiber to sell, see her after the meeting
·         Programs
o   12/10/16 – Bring anything you have been working on, fiber related or not.
§   raffle for prize (TBD)

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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