Guild Minutes September 14, 2013

Guild Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2013

Members present were Linda Carlson, Cheryl Rennick, Joan Johnson, John Geppert, Peggy Junker, Sue Ranta, Cindy Swisher, Mandy Binder, Jane Mailand and Patricia Miller.

Co-president Linda Carlson called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

The August 2013 minutes were approved. They were available on the HWGL website so everyone took advantage of reading them on-line.

Cheryl Rennick gave the treasurer’s report:

Recent checks not yet cleared:
$100 to College View Neighborhood Association – Advertising during CV Celebration
$115 to Southwest High School Crafts Fair – space rental and one table rental
$      Spin Off magazine – renewal

Jan has put up an email address on the Guild website which will send messages to her. This can be transferred to another person if necessary after election of officers for 2014.

We lost out on possibly purchasing a 56-inch loom at a reasonable price because the information about the loom’s availability was mailed to us instead of emailed. Now we have an email address.

Peggy Junker motioned that a fund for the purchase of major equipment be established, setting aside $2500 to be drawn from current funds, Sue Ranta seconded. Motion passed.

John Geppert mentioned that he is donating an oak bench to the studio. The bench is 44 inches wise with a lid that is 26 inches wide.

___________ mentioned that we might consider changing our phone account to phone and internet through Windstream for a combination charge of $69 + taxes. We are now paying $63 just for phone service.  John will investigate.

Cheryl moved that we allow John to take the $69 plan if the total cost ends up to be less than $75. Motion was seconded by Sue. Motion carried.

John reported that the Rug Group met and the Fiber Art Show plans are going well.

Overshot Project – Cheryl Rennick
We would like people who have not woven on each of the looms to do so soon so we can close out the looms in time to have them ready for classes starting in January.

Fall Beginning Weaving class starts October 12 – Catherine, Instructor

Winter Beginning Weaving starts January 11 – John and Cheryl, Instructors
Advanced Weaving class will be held from 10:00 am to noon starting January 11 – Jan and Cheryl, Instructors

Discussion of our By Laws commenced. There will be some changes that will be voted upon one month after everyone has had a chance to read the changed text (along with the old text).  The changes will be forthcoming in written form.

Library Books – MUST be returned by December 1, 2013. This includes magazines. If you are working on a pattern, photocopy the pages and return the book. We are missing some books and hope they all turn up by December 1.  Please sign books out when you take them, and return them to their numbered spot on the shelf where you first found it.

Studio Rules – How to Open, Close and Care For the Studio and its Contents.
This will be posted by the door. Please read it if you are the last one out so everything is properly unplugged, drained, turned off and trash removed. Everyone will receive a copy.

Cleaning for Open House

LAST DAY TO CLEAN is September 21. PLEASE check the list of things to do and pick something you are willing to do. Everyone needs to pitch in so we can be proud of our Guild when we open the doors on September 28-29.

A Volunteer is needed for Saturday September 28 to weave at the Prairie Hill Learning Center in Roca so students can watch and ask questions.  This is also our Open House firsts day.

Victoria and Patricia represented the Guild at the International Quilt Study Center by providing a spinning demonstration for visitors.

Please note:

On Sunday, September 29th, there will be a College View Celebration. 48th street will be blocked off for three blocks. The prediction is for 1500 people or so coming to see a car show, visit businesses, play games, kids bouncing in two bounce houses, live music playing and food for sale by the people at Union College.

 People will be going to businesses to get their Crazy Eights game card stamped. We will be one of the businesses and our logo is on the card. The good part is that it will bring more people into our Guild, some of which might be interested in learning to weave or spin. We are prepared to hand out the registration form for SECC to anyone who is interested. The not so good part is that this will potentially draw crowds to our shop who are not interested in weaving. We will evaluate this after the weekend to see if it helped us garner more interest in the Guild. At least more people will know where we are. Sue and Victoria will be sitting at a table on the Union College Greens and will be sending people to the guild to find out more about what we do. It will be a lively day!

We began a discussion of intellectual property and copyright, but tabled the discussion due to the late hour. Linda will send information via email. It’s a topic we need to discuss and be clear about when weaving or spinning anything that is to be sold.

Need back issues of Handwoven? Camilla at Valley Farm Weavers has a collection of back issues. This is something to follow up on to fill in the spaces in our own collection too.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm

Respectfully submitted

Sue Ranta

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