March 9, 2013 Guild Minutes

The monthly meeting of the HWGL was called to order at 1:00 by co-president, Linda Carlson.

Members present were Jan Jaecks, Linda Carlson, Gayle Mason, John Geppert, Henda Pretorius, Joan Johnson, and Sue Ranta.

Three members not present were Jan Tooker, Mary Howell and Catherine Easton, who were demonstrating weaving and spinning at Ten Thousand Villages in downtown Lincoln as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

Cheryl Rennick was not present due to a family funeral. A sympathy card was passed around for signatures.

Sue Ranta read the minutes of the February meeting. One addition: Sue will add the names of committee members of the Task Force groups to the minutes.

There was no Treasurer’s report.


Henda gave a report from the Rug Group.

Henda’s husband, Johan Pretorius, presented a talk on insects and their coloring and shapes. He brought two trays of insects and butterflies for us to look at.

Joan Johnson showed her rug in progress and discussed her inspiration from the colors of the Colorado Rockies in autumn.

Gayle Mason will demonstrate her rug and its inspiration at the May meeting.

Task Groups’ Updates

Jan Jaecks talked about the Guild when she joined in 1979. She said the strength of our Guild is in its inclusiveness.

Gail Mason suggested she would like to see member weaving biographies, history and information about people and weavings done at home.

Membership:  Linda Carlson said that she, Mary, and Joan had visited websites of other guilds. She mentioned that some guilds have websites elements that are password protected – addresses of members and financial information. She said she visited a Mesa, AZ guild website where they had an Honorary Membership level  - over 80 years old and a member for five years.

Sue suggested opening workshops to others outside HWGL. Jan said we’ve done this in the past but non-members were required to join the guild and pay a workshop fee.

There was discussion about levels of membership. We need firm hours if we are to have new Guild members who want to use the studio but have no key. This will be covered in one of the Task Force groups.

Outreach in Community:  Sue and Sharon Valencia will be attending the AMA Cause Camp on March 21st all day. They hope to learn how to better promote our Guild and to increase membership.

Facility:  Jan Tooker and Gayle Mason distributed an initial report of their progress. Gayle reported that they considered that we have three options – stay where we are, move, or disband the studio.  They suggested that since we can’t afford to move, that we try to make our space more inviting.  They would like to have another member join them – one who knows the history of the Guild.

Will Rennick will repair the studio floor and paint it.  The floor will be cleared following the meeting.

Open House: Henda has agreed to continue preparing for the Open House, September 29th, but announced that she will be moving to Scottsbluff probably for the next year, until they return to South Africa.  We are scheduled to clean the studio August 24 and 31, September 7, 14 and 21.

Our landlord, Lynn Fisher, invited us to participate in the College View Neighborhood Association meeting Wednesday, March 13. Mary Howell and Sue Ranta will attend. The Neighborhood event is Sunday, Sept 29th. We are considering participating by continuing our open house and doing weaving and spinning demonstrations in front of one of the stores on 48th Street. We can consider our options after the March 13th meeting.


Give to Lincoln Day – Thursday May 16th, sponsored by the Lincoln Community Foundation ( Donations can be designated toward any specific organization, including HWGL. We are now on their list.  Donations received on May 16 will be matched up to $200,000 (distributed among organizations). When these funds run out there will be no more matching but donations will still be accepted. If you are thinking of donating to the Guild, you may wish to wait until May 16 and donate then. Tell your friends and neighbors that if they wish to donate they can do so then and help our organization.  Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

We have been invited to participate in the Plain Song Folk Festival October 5, from 1:00 to 9:00 pm at the Sprague-Martell Community Center.  Our invitation is for just one hour during that day.  Henda moved that we participate and Joan seconded. Vote passed.

Catherine shared information about a new yarn shop. An information sheet was passed around.  Informal discussion suggested we might go together and call it a road trip!

            Weedy Creek Yarn
633 Seward Street

There will be no practice for Sheep to Shawl. We will do a timed event at the Seward County Fair on August 3rd.

Gayle Mason invited everyone who is interested to watch/ participate in a shearing of her sheep:
Address: 22395 S 38th Street, (red House)
Date: March 16

Membership Roster:

There is a membership booklet on the table in the education room. Please check your listing and update if needed, including your email address. If you need room, write on the back of the page and indicate that on your listing. If you have questions, call Sue. Please place a check mark by your name if everything is correct so that Sue will know you have checked it.


Jan Jaecks showed some wrist key rings she made on a 4-harness loom. Henda Pretorius showed some similar, made on her inkle loom. Sue Ranta showed some of her latest scarves.

Meeting concluded at 2:25, followed by a demonstration by Henda on the inkle loom.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Ranta, recording secretary





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