Guild Minutes February 11, 2012

The monthly meeting of the HWGL came to order at 1:08 pm on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Members present were: John Geppert, Henda Pretorius, Mandy Binder, Lori Beck, Jean Whitmore, Catherine Easton, Cheryl Rennick, Jan Tooker, Gayle Mason and Sue Ranta.

Cheryl gave the treasurer’s report.


Open House Report – Henda
Date of September 8, 2012 was suggested. John made a motion that we accept the date. Mandy seconded the motion. Voting was unanimous in favor. Cheryl noted that we need to clean up, paint, fix up the studio before the Open House.

Phone Directory project – Sue
Working on it now. We will publish annually. Include schedule of meetings, workshops and seminars as well as classes and loom rental rules.

Discussion regarding which events to display/work at:

We are signing up now for Camp Creek Threshers in Waverly, July 21-22
9 am – 5 pm time period, 2 shifts each day if possible
Cheryl will help on Sunday
Sue will help on Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00

Seward County Fair – work only on Saturday, August 4

Lancaster County Fair – need better coordination with fair people.

Catherine suggested limiting the number of venues.

Gayle suggested eliminating Lancaster Co Fair and Farmer’s Market.

Right now we are working Camp Creek, Seward Co Fair and Southwood Crafts Fair.

Catherine asked about interest for the next group project. Suggestions were tapestry and Transparency.

Library – John reported that we are ignoring time limits (30 days, with another 30 day extension) for borrowing and returning books.


Suggest we have a rug show and sale at our Open House.
Suggest we extend Open House hours either Friday or Sunday.
Suggest we have a juried show in 2013 with a cash prize.

Deadline Feb 24 for signing up for Tatting Workshop so Jane Mailand, instructor, can order supplies. Pay at time of class. Materials fee goes back to instructor.


Cheryl has a DVD, “Warping Your Loom” to offer to the Guild Library. Guild will pay $37.63 for the DVD.

Victoria is teaching a spindle spinning class in the SCC Summer session. Will be taught 3:00 to 5:00 pm at Studio, July 14 through August 18. Limit 6 people, $45 per class plus $30 for supplies.

Judy Johnson sent a note that she is unable to participate in the overshot project due to ill health (Parkinson’s). We will finish her project and send her sections to her.

End of Meeting

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