HWGL June 2016 minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2016

Guild members present
Mandy Binder                         Linda Carlson                         John Geppert
            Mary Howell                           Joan Johnson                           Tonya Leach
Sue Ranta                                Cheryl Rennick                       Cynthia Swisher
Jan Tooker                               Jean Whitmore                        Jennifer Barnason

Review May Minutes
·         Noyes Gallery commission is 35% not 15%

Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $    X.XX
o   CD 1 balance:             $    X.XX
o   CD 2 balance:             $    X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:       See In-house Minutes
·         John will post a spreadsheet of members and dues paid
Old Business
·         Overshot Project
o   No change

·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Ridged Heddle Class – Sue and Cindy  -  10/30/16 and 11/6/16 1:30 – 4:30
§  Sue and Cindy will choose what yarn type students should purchase and Yarn Charm giving students a 10% discount
§  4 scarf patterns for each student to choose from
§  Sue and Cindy are creating fliers / cards for promotion
§  Tonya will inquire on copyrights on the book material provided with purchased looms for class material
o   Walk in and Weave – 6/26/16 – 1-4
§  $45 SCC charge and $70 Studio fee = $115 total
§  5 looms are ready
§  Estimate of 12 hours weaving time
o   Rag Rug Rodeo – 8/19/16 – 8/21/16  9a – 9p each day
§  Main purpose is for fun
§  Members only
§  2 looms already warped
o   Outside Workshop –  Robyn Spady
§  No updates
o   8/6/16 We will need to coordinate which looms are available
§  We have 2 demos, Rag Rug Rodeo and Walk in and Weave

·         Space Committee – no updates

·         Rug Group
o   Redpath Gallery in Seward Spring 2018
§  Jeanne K Hain Wiemer
§  514 Seward St
§  PO Box 271
§  Seward, NE 68434
o   May or June available – May is preferred
o   Rugs and Tapestries only
o   No fee for showing

·         Demonstrations
o   Homestead National Monument – Homestead Days 6/17/16  10a-2p
§  Sue will weave, Paula will spin
o   Camp Creek  -  7/16  8a-5p   7/17/16  8a-4p
§  Set up Friday 7:30
§  Signup sheet on the table
§  Demo will be in the Crafts Building
o   Seward County Fair  -  8/6/16 1p-5p
§  Location change
o   Lancaster County Super Fair - 8/6/16 – 8/7/16
§  Tricia will be the contact person and coordinate
§  Time - TBD
o   Old Cheney Farmers Market – Still not have heard
§  Cindy went to OCFM, talked to organizers, they said the band is using the canopy.  They will contact Victoria about this.
o    Joslyn Museum - Textile Arts Celebrations 8/3/16 10a-5p
§  Linda will be contact person and coordinate
o   Stella – 1st Friday
§  Jen will be contact person and coordinate with Toby Burnam

·         Jan and Cheryl will measure the old sign for a new fabric sign to hang over the door so we can get an estimate

·         John is making a shelf for the ridged heddle looms, he may reorganize paper and shelves.

·         Open House / Sales - 9/10/16  10a – 5p
o   Cleaning Committee – Kathy Blum
§  Shop vac needs a new filter, Tonya volunteered to take care of this.
§  Cheryl suggested that as part of the use of Studio looms that when a weaver is done with a loom that he/she should move it. So he/she can clean under and around it.
o   Studio Update
§  Will to update some lighting in Studio
o   Publicity
§  Will design a 4X6 postcard

New Business 

·         Wendy Weiss is displaying this month at Lux.  Told us UNL has no weaving instructor, all looms are in storage.  We might want to look into the possibilities of teaching classes or workshops there or purchasing looms.

·         Jen is expanding her technical writing portfolio and is willing to re re-vamp “how to” guides or manuals.
·         Programs
o   7/9/16 – John Geppert - Uganda Project
o   8/13/19 – Lori Beck – Laura Fry video, The Effective Weaver
o   12/10/16 – raffle for prize (TBD)
·         Tonya has fiber and an antique flax wheel for sale
·         Tonya provided new contact info

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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