February 2015 HWGL minutes

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – February 14, 2015

Guild members present
Mandy Binder               Jan Tooker      Tonya Leach-Trickel              
Cheryl Rennick             Joan Johnson   Sharon Vandenack                 
Sue Ranta                    Patricia Miller  Jan Jaecks
Cindy Swisher              Jean Whitemore   Lori Beck
Linda Carlson               Catherine Easton
Review January Minutes
·         The Date should read Jan 10, 2015
·         We received 2 Babe spinning wheels.

Missing Items List
·         None to report

Treasures Report
·         Checking account balance:     $X.XX
·         CD 1 balance:                         $X.XX
·         CD 2 balance:                         $X.XX
o   Total Net Worth:         See In House minutes
·         We have collected Guild dues and Studio fees.
o   Membership renewal dues:  Guild - $35,  Studio - $180
o   Mail to Guild, give to Cheryl or put in black box
·         We should be getting $240 from SCC for winter classes
Old Business
·         Overshot Project
o   Catherine is trying to free up the 8 harness looms for the next project
o   If you are not finished with this project please spend some time working on it.
·         Tapestry Workshop
o   Class is finished, some projected are finished.
§  Please finish up your project to free up looms.
·         Demonstrations and Sales
o   We are no longer participating in Craft Sales but please remember we do still have items for sale
§  We will need to “step it up” so we have quality items for the annual sale
o   Quilt Museum is planning on having another sale again this year.
§  60/40 split
o   Guild Annual Sale
§  Jan will contact other Guild’s to inquire about policies regarding commissions
§  We discussed options for our Sale – no decisions or motions were made
·         Participating in 1st Friday or 4th Friday
·         Setting a date outside of the Open House due to the College View Neighborhood event is slow to action and most decisions are last minute
o   3/7  – Ten Thousand Villages “International Women’s Day” 10-12 or 11-1, our choice
o   7/18-7/19 – Camp Creek Threshers, Waverly – Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
§  Set up Sat at 8am
o   8/1-8/2 – Lancaster County Fair
o   8/8 – Seward County Fair, Seward
§  Linda has made contact but not heard back yet
o   Aug-Oct – Old Cheney Farmer’s Market
§  Linda has made contact but not heard back yet
o   Sep – Prairie Hill Learning Center
§  No contact yet
o   Tails and Trails – Humane Society Fund Raiser
§  No contact yet

·         Rug Show - Renew, Revise and Rekindle
o   Pieces to be done by 9/15/15
o   Next Rug Group meeting has been moved to 1/28/15 at 1pm

New Business
·         Classes / Workshops / Programs
o   Advanced weaving class is finished
§  Cheryl gave students until mid March to finish their projects
o   Winter Beginning weaving class   1/10/15 - 2/28/15 -  3-5 pm
§  John will assist Cheryl
§  $45 to SCC, $35 material fee
·         5 or so students interested in Spring 102 class
o   Spinning Class – 4/4/15 – 5/9/15 
§  $45 to SCC - $35 material fee
o   Spring advanced weaving class 102 – 3/21/15 – 5/9/15
§  Extended to 8 weeks
o   SCC inquired about summer classes
§  No weaving
§  Possible 2 week felting class
·         SCC needs info for class fee, material fee, times and dates by 2/20/15
o   Ukrainian egg workshop – 3/21/15

·         Printing
o   Directory on hold due to Sue was out of town.

·         Bright Lights Student Tour
o   Kristin Meyer is a former weaving student.  She will be teaching a weaving class for 4th-6th graders next summer.  She has asked if she could bring the students to tour Studio for a field trip. 
o   Joan emailed Kristin to let her know we are interested in participating in her class and give her Linda’s contact information  -  Linda has not heard from her yet.

·         Studio Update
o   Guild
§  Will is planning on finishing the classroom floor in June, we need to look at painting and sprucing up the Studio.
o   Landlord
§  Front door lock is an interior lock and does not always work due to the weather.
§  There are a couple lights that need the valance replaced

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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