Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – August 16, 2014

Guild members present
Karen Higgins                         Gary Higgins                           Catherine Easton        
Theresa Vitzthum                   Sue Ranta                                Jane Mailand
Mandy Binder                         Lori Beck                                Cheryl Rennick
Joan Johnson                           Mary Howell                           John Guppert
Cindy Swisher                                   

Review May Minutes
·         July minutes are approved as is.

Treasures Report
·         New 501C3 application has been received, Theresa has history in this area she will assist Cheryl in filing this application.
·         Seward County Fair will be sending us a “thank you” check for an unknown amount.  Last year it was $100.

Old Business
·         Demonstration / Sale Schedule
o   Camp Creek went well
o   Upcoming volunteering opportunities
§  Aug-Sept – Old Cheney Farmers Market
§  9/20-9/21 - Open House 12p-5p
·         List if chores to be done on bulletin board, initial when completed
·         Food – non messy/sticky
§  9/21 – College View Neighborhood 12p-4p
·         Fees for participation have increased.  $100 for demonstrating on the grounds and $50 for advertising.
o   We decline to participate and will co-exist instead
o   We can still demonstrate outside – location TBD.
§  10/18 - LSW Craft Sale – added by Joan on 9/7/14: the date for this sale is 10/11
§  11/8 - St Marks
o   John will look into making the Volunteer Spot calendar visible to everyone.

·         Bag options – We are unable to discuss due to Patricia has information but is absent this month.  We decided to address other options after the plastic thank you bags are gone.
o   Cheryl suggested inserts about The Guild and upcoming classes and workshops to place into bags and hand out at demonstrations and sales.
§  Sue volunteered to print these, will include winter classes, contact information, and spinning group

·         Workshop / Program
o   9/27/14 - Felting workshop, focus on making jewelry.

New Business

·         Mary Ellen Glen is preparing to sell a garage full of spinning and weaving equipment.  She has invited The Guild members to come shop today after the meeting prior to the sale to the public.

·         Leshay McCoy has a Schacht loom she has never used she wants to donate to The Guild.  She has requested a letter stating it was donated for her taxes.  Since we are no longer officially a 501C3 organization Cheryl has worked it out with Westminster.  The loom will officially be donated to Westminster Church, they will provide the tax letter.  Then when our 501C3 status has been reinstated they will donate the loom to us.
o   Local Mover’s have been hired to move this loom for us.

·         Abbie has experience writing grant proposals for the Lied Center, she has volunteered to write grant proposals for us.
o   She has requested a key so she can finish her project.  Due to her schedule she is unable to come during regular open hours to work on it. 
§  We will ask when she can come to see if we can make arrangements for someone to be here so she can finish her project.

·         None.

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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