RugTapestry Group April 2014 Minutes

HWGL Rug Tapestry Study Group
April 26, 2014 Minutes
We discussed ways to represent our theme to prospective galleries/venues, and decided that simplicity rules. Attached is the proposed write-up that we reviewed and edited.
Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 6 at 1:00 p.m.

Jan Tooker

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln Rug/Tapestry Study Group

The Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln (HWGL) is a diverse group of beginning to advanced weavers and artists who share an interest in the art of handweaving, spinning, and other fiber arts. The Guild offers educational opportunities and the exchange of ideas.

The HWGL Rug/Tapestry Study Group is a specialty group which exists to promote understanding and skill in the techniques of rug and tapestry weaving.

“Recycle” is the theme for our upcoming show featuring works created by members of the Rug/Tapestry Study Group. Our theme will be expressed differently by each artist, but you can expect to see evidence of Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, and various depictions of the “green movement.”

Following are some of the rugs and tapestries which were exhibited in our last show, “Inspired by Nature” presented in October 2013 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lincoln.

Note: I was not able to get the pictures to show up in this post. I will send the document to the Rug Tapestry Study Group in an email. Joan Johnson

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