Guild Minutes - February 2014

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln
Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2014

Guild members present
Patricia Miller                          Linda Carlson                         Margaret Leubcke
Mandy Binder                         Jan Jaecks                                Joan Johnson
Cheryl Rennick                       Alissa Sandrin                         Dian Tegtmeir
Cindy Swisher                                    Cathrine Easton                      JanTooker
Peggy Junker                           Theressa Vitzthum                  Jane Mailand  

Review January Minutes
·         Linda suggested an addendum to the minutes.  Since there are two Sharon V’s she suggested changing “Thank you to Sharon V”, to “Thank you to Sharon Valencia.”
This change has been made.

Treasures Report
·         Due collection is going well but there are still some people who have not paid 2014 Guild dues and studio fees.
·         If you have a key to the studio and have not or are not going to pay studio fees please return your keys by March 1, 2014.
·         Motion was made by Linda Carlson – Second by Cheryl Rennick – vote 15 for, 0 against
o   If a person has work on a loom and has not paid studio fees by March 1, 2014 the project will be removed from the loom.
·         Motion was made by Linda Carlson – Second by Cheryl Rennick – vote 15 for, 0 against and to be added to the Manual of Operations.
o   If a person has work on a loom and has not paid studio fees 2 months after the due date the project will be removed from the loom.
·         Joan will send out reminders for people who have not paid 2014 studio fees regarding keys and work still on looms.
Old Business
·         Rug group
o   Next show
§  Venue and date TBD (late 2015 or early 2016)
§  Rugs and tapestries only
§  Theme – “Recycled” – ideas and/or materials
§  No awards or judging
§  Cathrine to lead a study on tapestries – 3 Sat mornings in Oct dates TBD
§  Next meeting TBD (late March or early April)
·         Overshot Project
o   Participants are encouraged to finish up this project, we need to free up looms for upcoming classes and projects for others.
·         Library
o   Missing books and magazines
§  This list was passed around the meeting and people were asked again to check for these missing titles at home and return them to The Guild.
·         Water Leak
o   The leak has been fixed
·         College View Celebration
o   Tentatively scheduled for September 21, 2014

·         Insurance
o   We received a cancelation notice from Continental for our renters insurance, effective in April, due to the company is closing.  We still need a volunteer to research insurance options.
§  Joan will email an acquaintance in the insurance business to see if he can help.
·         Demonstration / Sale Schedule
o   Seward County Fair – 8/9/14, Agricultural building 11am-5pm
o   Linda is looking for contact information for 10,000 Villages, and Lancaster Co Fair
o   Linda will contact Nebraska State Fair to collect information to see if we want to participate in demonstrations
o   LSW Craft Sale – 10/11/14 9am-4pm
§  Payment was already made but we received an application in the mail.  Cheryl will contact them and confirm we already have a spot reserved.
o   Jan and Joan discussed using our Google calendar on the blog to coordinate sign up for demonstrations and sales in addition to sign up at The Guild.

New Business
·         If beginning weaving class is interested we will have an advanced weaving class in the spring.
·         Patricia asked for suggestions for workshops and programs
o   Cheryl – program on finishing
o   Cathrine – “Year of Fiber”
§  Animal, plant and synthetic fibers
·         Strengths, weaknesses, advantages, characteristics etc
o   Jane – double knit and felted bowls
o   Linda – Mary Howell will give a post meeting talk about a Navajo auction she is attending in Sante Fe
o   Jan Tooker –
§  People who entered items in the sale last year can bring the items and critiques from Wendy to share so everyone can learn from them.
§  Summer and winter weaving structure
·         Shelda has taught this in the past, perhaps she would be interested in teaching this again.

·         Nancy Sutton contacted Jan Tooker, she has 30 years of Hand Woven magazines she wants to give to a good home.
o   After discussion we decided to accept the donation and keep them for “in house” use only.

Mandy Binder

Recording Secretary

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