Rug/Tapestry Minutes

Rug/Tapestry Study Group Meeting
February 1, 2014

Members Present:  Linda Carlson, Mary Howell, Sharon Vandeneck, Catherine Easton, Cheryl Rennick

Scope - We voted to have a show with just rugs and tapestry.  We discussed whether we should have a judge, and the general consensus was probably not.

Venue – Several Suggestions were made. There has been contact with Hillestad Gallery and we liked that possibility.  Dan and Mary Howell will contact the Art Department at Wesleyan to see if Elder Gallery would be possible.  Other suggestions were the State Capitol, and Capitol Office Building, or galleries in David City or Nebraska City.

Study Topic --- Tapestry seemed to be favored, but we will need to free up some looms for this.

Theme ---- Sharon Vandenack brought a suggestion from Karen Cantrell of Recycled.  We discussed being able to use recycled materials, or recycling ideas.  We voted in favor of it.

The next rug meeting will be in late March (22 or 29) at 1 p.m.

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