Guild Minutes

Guild Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2014

Review December Minutes
·         Linda suggested an addendum to the minutes.  The minutes should state the new officers were voted into their new positions.
These changes have been made.

Treasures Report
·         Annual dues are due.  If Cheryl is not present please place your dues in the black box in the office.
                   Guild dues -  $ 35
                   Studio fees - $180
                         Total-     $215

Old Business
·         We would like to formally thank Linda and Mary for leading us through a tough year. Sharon Valencia for leading us through the flood. And the task groups for all the work they did last year.

·         Rug group
      Rug group meetings will change to the 1st Saturday of the month. Next meeting is scheduled for 2/1/14. Meeting agenda will include decisions on the next show. What kind of show, who will participate, how many pieces, venue. If you have contacts for possible venue locations at no cost please make contact with them and bring information to the meeting to be discussed.

·         Overshot Project            
  The last loom has been threaded and is ready for weaving.  The computer has hundreds of different variations to the Honeysuckle pattern for you to choose from.

·         Library
o   Missing books and magazines
§  Please check at home for the attached missing titles and return to the Guild.
o   When possible please photo copy desired pattern or information from the library for your use and leave the book or publication in the library.
o   Books in the classroom cupboard may not be checked out, they are for classroom use only.
o   Proper library check out procedures:
§  Check out station is located just outside the office
§  Remove card from the book or publication
·         If no card, the publication is not available for checkout
§  Write your name and date on the card
§  File the card in the library card box
§  If you keep the book for more than one month please renew
§  Return books to shelf under the check out station.

New Business
·         Schedule
o   Linda will set up a location in the Education room for a board to post signup sheets for volunteering at all demonstrations, presentations and sales.
o   Linda has requested contact information for locations for all events last year so she can put together the schedule for 2014
§  10,000 Villages
§  Old Cheney Market
§  Quilt Museum
§  Camp Creek Threshers
§  Seward County Fair
§  Montessori School
§  LSW Craft Sale

·         Patricia suggested using “nicer” bags with the Guild logo for purchases rather than the plastic t-shirt bags
o   Teresa suggested using blank paper bags with a nice Guild logo stamp for an inexpensive way to dress up the bags.

·         The College View Neighborhood Association is changing the dates of the big neighborhood event.  The first meeting is Jan 29th.  Sue and Patricia will attend and hopefully get some more information about this.

·         Sue will begin working on a new Guild directory

Missing Books:

1000 (+) Patterns in 4,6,8 shadow weaves
Weaving with foot-power looms with drafts for over 285 traditional patterns
Handwoven Specialties and Merry Christmas Handweavers
Designer Diagonals A portfolio of patterns for bias clothing
A Baker’s Dozen Tablemats and Beyond…
A Weaver’s book  (by Tidball)
Learn to Weave ( Redding)
Textiles for Today’s Church A Guide to Creating Fiber Art
Contemporary Appliqued Beadwork
Warp All by Yourself
Creating Art from Fibers and Fabrics
Double Weaves (Palmay Weigle)
Working with Wool How to Weave a Navajo Blanket
Creating Rugs and Wall Hangings- a complete guide (Shirley Marein)
Soumak Workshop
Weavers’ Wearables
Weaving you can wear

Missing Magazines:

Spin Off :
          Summer 2012
          Fall 2012

         Issues 159

Shuttle Spindle Dypot
          Issues         170-174

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