Guild Minutes December 14, 2013

Minutes of the meeting – December 14, 2013

Cheryl reminded everyone that dues are due January 1st - $35 for Guild fees, $180 for Studio Fees.

Old Business - none
New Business
          Election of officers

Jan Tooker commented that she would like someone else to take the position of corresponding secretary that she has been doing for a number of years. Joan Johnson offered to take over Jan’s slot.

Mandy Binder has agreed to take over the recording secretary position from Sue Ranta.

Victoria Hilton noted that she is doing the quarterly newsletter, Thrums and managing the Facebook account. The next Thrums will be out in February.
Guild email address:

Treasurer – Cheryl Rennick will continue

Co-presidents Linda Carlson and Mary Howell will retire. John Geppert will assist new President, Patricia Miller.

John mentioned our commitment to demonstrations and presentations. Linda Carlson will coordinate so we have enough people at demonstrations and presentations.

Sue has been working with John to learn the library system and will continue with John’s help to keep track of our books.

Mandy has volunteered to record new periodicals as they come in and add a card in the back for check out.

When possible, please photocopy the article in which you are interested, leaving the periodical in the studio.

Marcia Little, Workshop Coordinator for the Omaha Weavers and Spinners Guild noted for our members a couple of workshops coming up:

Bobbie Irwin – Transparencies Workshop
Event: April 4-6 2014  (Deadline for registration FEB 14, cancellation by March 14)
Hours 9:00 – 4:00
Cost $155 for non members
Location: Hot Shoppes
Limit 18 people

Other workshops – incomplete info – more to come later

°Kit Hammerski Workshop – Weaving Boot Camp – beginners level
Last two Saturdays in January

°Feb  Advanced Weaving Boot Camp
Taught by –
Dates, time, place
Cost. # people
Contact name, phone, email

°Black Hills – Juried Show – April 25 – 26

°Hillestad Gallery
Mary Zicafoose Show
Show display January 2-17, 2014
January 15, 6:00 pm - Lecture

SWHS Crafts Fair     
Look for info in March
Show in November – December

Catherine volunteered to do one workshop a year.

John made a warping board to raffle off. Money to go to the Guild.

John mentioned that we can avoid copyright infringement by tweaking our designs on the computer. Both Cheryl and John will help us work the program.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Ranta
Mandy Binder, recording secretary

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