Guild Minutes May 11, 2013

Present:  Linda Carlson, Cheryl Rennick, Mandy Binder, Patricia Miller, Catherine Easton, Margaret Luebcke, Jan Tooker, Jane Mailand, Mary Howell

Minutes – Cheryl moved, Mandy seconded that we approve as presented, motion carried.

Linda thanked everyone who helped with cleaning and putting back up artwork on the walls in the studio, it looks really nice. Cheryl said Will appreciated the card, but hasn’t put his bill together yet.

Treasurer’s Report – Cheryl presented a financial summary. Cheryl is in the process of renewing our 501c3 – we didn’t know about a filing requirement that had passed. There are lots of forms required for renewing it, there will not be an interruption in our status, just have to get the forms in and wait for approval. This is why we’re no longer a part of Give to Lincoln Day. They are who noticed we needed to renew our status with the IRS. Linda will send a note to the Lincoln Foundation thanking them for notifying us of this need. Cheryl did send in the registration for the St. Mark’s Craft Fair November 9. LSW craft fair info isn’t known yet.

Old Business:
Reports from Coordinators
Rug Group – Jan Tooker reviewed plans for the upcoming show, see the Rug/Tapestry Study Group minutes on the web site. Sue Ranta will photograph any works for the show on Thursday, June 27th, from 10 am to 2 pm in the studio. 
Overshot Group – Mary has finished tying on a new warp and once wound on, it will be ready to go. Everyone get your projects done!

Task Groups’ updates
Membership: Mary Howell, Joan Johnson, Sue Ranta, Henda Pretorius, Sharon Valencia, Linda Carlson:  Mandy moved and Jane seconded that we approve the attached (below) amended recommendations. Motion carried.
Jan will add a page on HWGL web site for membership – Dues, fees, benefits, membership form to print and mail in.
Education: Cheryl Rennick and Catherine Easton said we are signed up again for the fall beginning weaving class through Southeast Community College, beginning the first Saturday of October. Not sure about beginning spinning. If we want to add classes or workshops to the SCC listings, we need to think ahead and do it 9 months in advance to have it in the Southeast Community College catalogue (which draws in new funds and new people).

Outreach in Community: Jane Mailand, Sharon Valencia, and Sue Ranta met and talked about different ways to do outreach. We need to increase information about the Guild in the community. Existing events are helping, such as the craft sales, rug shows, open house, etc. They have discussed limits on ways to do outreach, primarily financial. They would like the Guild to prioritize ways to do outreach at our July meeting. More information will be sent out prior to that.

Finance: Cheryl Rennick, Mandy Binder, Jane Mailand, Sharon Valencia, Jan Jaecks – haven’t met since working on the budget ideas.

Organization Structure: Patricia Miller, John Geppert – hasn’t met yet. Linda will join this group.

Facility: Gayle Mason, Jan Tooker – hasn’t met lately. Cheryl suggested summer is a good time to paint the walls of the studio.

Hats off to Sharon Valencia for getting these groups organized.

Open House Planning (September 28 - 29, 2013) Linda has amended Henda’s plans from last year and will send this document out for our information with the minutes of this meeting.

College View Neighborhood Association report from May 8 meeting – Linda reported that she and Sue Ranta went. We now have a copy of their newsletter. The next one will come out just before the Sept. 29 event. It includes a membership form so Cheryl will send in our membership fee of $25. Copies of the newsletter are on the table. We may put an ad in the newsletter that is the size of a business card for $75 if we want to in the future. They will also take articles and press releases. There will be a general information meeting for all neighborhood businesses on June 2 to give info re: the Sept 29 event; they are hoping for financial commitments from business to support the event. The next meeting is July 10 at 6:00 p.m. Linda is unable to attend the July meeting but Sue may be planning to go, and Patricia Miller may be able to go, she will check her schedule.

Old Cheney Market – Need to determine which 4 Sundays & who will do it. Linda will find out more information and send an email requesting volunteers.

We are signed up to demonstrate at Camp Creek Threshers in Waverly July 20-21, we need volunteers to demonstrate weaving and spinning both days. Sign up on the white board in the Studio.

Seward County Fair August 3 will include our Sheep to Shawl practice day. We also need people to demonstrate weaving and spinning alongside the Sheep to Shawl. Sign up on the white board in the Studio.

State Fair: we decided we will not plan to demonstrate at the State Fair this year.

New Business:
Need “Thrums” editor beginning in September – no one volunteered at this time, will discuss again at July meeting.

Answering machine – Mandy has a newer answering machine which includes 2 cordless handsets that she would be willing to donate. Thank you Mandy!

Mary made an attempt to catalogue new magazines and discovered there are many missing magazines. If you have one without a number on it, please return it and Mary will catalogue them. Or if you’ve seen a stack of them sitting around during our cleaning, etc., please let Mary know so she can catalogue them.

Upcoming photography sessions with Sue Ranta June 27, from 10:00 – 2:00 at the Studio.

Tatting Workshop with Jane Mailand – May 18 – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Catherine announced that there will be a benefit for Kathy Davis at the Beaver Crossing City Park May 18 from 4:00-8:00 with many pies, desserts, vegetarian items, and a silent and live auction (there will be a Navajo twill blanket on the silent auction) She was in a bad automobile accident on March 19.

Dyeing workshop with Sharon Vandenack June 8 & 9 – Sign up on the white board.

Many thanks to Catherine for hosting the going-away party for Henda & Johan Pretorius!

No scheduled meeting in June!

Show & Tell

We adjourned at 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Tooker, Secretary Pro Tem

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln – Membership Levels
Approved 5/11/2013

Membership Levels       Renewal Guild Dues      First Year Member Dues  Renewed Studio Fees   First Year Studio Fees
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
(2 adults living at the same address)
$35/yr. for first person & $10 for additional family member
$30/yr. for first person & $10 for second family member
$18/mo., or $90/6 mo., or $180/yr. for first person & 15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr. for additional family member
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr for first person & $10/mo., or $55/6 mo., or $100/yr. for  additional family member
Student (must be Full-Time college student, not H.S.)
$60/6 mo.

Honorary (80 yrs. of age & over and Guild member for 5 yrs. or more)
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
$100 - $999 annually
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
Member in Memorial (gifted in will)

Approved Leadership (providing a service to the Guild, i.e, teaching or opening/closing for an event)
Key access with one-time deposit fee of $30
Key access with one-time deposit fee of $30

Dues change - Date effective: January 2014
Guild dues are 50% of regular annual rate when joining July 1 through December.

Guild Membership
Studio Membership includes all Guild Membership benefits plus the following:
Library loans
Key to studio
Voting privileges
Check-out equipment
Access to interest groups (spinning, rug group, group projects, etc.)

Membership booklet


Purchase of yarns

Access to Interest Groups*

*If interest group involves continued use of studio equipment, studio membership is required.

Things to do for HWGL Open House 2013

  1. Ads
a.            Fliers
1)            Print to distribute at fairs and demonstrations
2)            Fliers for members to give to family & friends
                b.            Radio ad
                c.             Newspaper ad
                d.            Put info on Facebook and blog (ask Jan Tooker)
                e.            Invitations to -
                                1)            Other members that don’t regularly come to the meetings – email
                                2)            Museums – Morrill Hall
                                3)            UNL Quilt Centre
                                4)            Sheldon Museum of Art
                                5)            UNL – Textile Dept.
6)            Shops – JoAnn’s Fabric & other fiber/yarn shops & studio neighbors
7)            LUX
8)            College View Neighborhood Association
9)            Other places

2.            Name tags/ dress code, etc.
                a.            Tags for members that will be there that day
                b.            Dress code –in the logo’s colors (green, red, yellow and blue)

3.            Things to improve in the studio
                a.            Entrance Hall
                b.            Bulletin boards
                c.             Cleaning – Dates: August 24 & 31, September 7, 14, & 21
                d.            Wall hangings – are there any more to hang?
                e.            Paint walls?

4.            Demos on the Sidewalk and in Studio
                a.            Spinning – one person inside & one outside:
                b.            Beginners’ loom – for people to try out weaving – one inside & one outside
                c.             Other looms -

5.            Sale
                a.            Members make some items to contribute
                b.            Left over things from previous sales
                c.             Hand spun wool/yarn

6.            Exhibition
                a.            Different classes through SCC – beginner, advanced beginner, spinning
                b.            Group projects – overshot, rug/tapestry
c.             Other – inkle weaving, Catherine’s baskets, projects done throughout the year, e.g. Ukrainian eggs, tatting, felting

7.            List of classes for remainder of 2013 and then for the start of 2014
8.            Food
                a.            Tea, coffee and ice water
                b.            Cookies
                c.             Something salty – pretzels & nuts
                d.            Buy supplies – e.g. paper plates, cups, napkins

9.            Floor plan
                a.            Overshot room – examples
b.            Where will we welcome visitors?
                c.             Spinning room – spinners demo
                d.            Warping room – weaving demo & try-it-yourself
                e.            Classroom – examples of classes with finished projects
                f.             Room with yarn – food & sales

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