Minutes of Special Meeting 12/1/2012

Special meeting of members of HWGL regarding  recent water damage to floor, rugs and studio.

Members present were: Mary Howell, Jan Tooker, Cheryl Rennick, Sharon Vandenack, Mandy Binder, Henda Pretorius, Joan Johnson, Sue Ranta, Linda Carlson, Catherine Easton and Jane Mailand.

Cheryl noted that we need to look at updating our insurance policy. As it stands now, they won’t cover anything related to water damage.

Lynn Fisher is the building owner and our property manager. Great Place Properties. Ray is the maintenance person.

Jan is willing to take the lead in working with the landlord and helping the group decide the best course of action to take from this point forward. She commented that we need to talk to Lynn Fisher about restoring the floor. We also need to separate emotions from the practical issues of restoring the studio to functional and safe space.

Current issues are:
  • Restore the floor
  • Replace light fixture by kitchen – it smokes.
  • Replace fixture in entry hall. Smells like electrical burning.
  • Replace tiles in Bathroom ceiling and other places in the studio where they have come down.
  • Fix drain by front door to hopefully eliminate water into the studio when it rains. The drain as it is, cannot handle the water flow.

There was no apparent damage to looms  beyond wet feet which seems to have dried on its own.

The basket of mohair on the floor under the mirror was a total loss – cost estimate $60.

The cabinets next to the fridge have water damage and are no longer usable. Sue will check into buying used kitchen cabinets and get back to us. The formica on the top is okay.

We have been in the studio since 1988 – 25 years. Any lease we might have signed that long ago is no longer in force. The building ownership has changed hands during that time.

Joan offered to buy a runner to go from the front door to the classroom to cover the sticky floor. Mandy has old carpeting she just pulled up that she will donate. Mandy and Sue will get the carpet to the studio on Wednesday evening.

Catherine expressed that her Intro to Weaving students had missed two classes as a result of the water damage. Cheryl said she could teach on December 15, and those students could come to the January class to finish up if needed.

Spinning will start again. Victoria is still holding Sunday spindle spinning classes.

Rug Group needs to meet – December 8th. Our group will hold a show the month of October 2013 at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Saturday, December 8 at 1:00 – regular Guild meeting with a chocolate Christmas party.

Looking ahead, should we have to consider moving from this space, Joan noted that the Nebraska Arts Council has a basic support grant. Lincoln Arts Council will give grants to groups that are helping underserved populations.

While we can be on the lookout for possible spaces to move to, most seem to set their rental price at $7 - $12 per square foot. We need approximately 2000 square feet. Even the $7 per foot price would cost $1400.00 per month – WAY out of our budget.  Meeting ended 11:58 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Ranta

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