Guild Minutes October 6, 2012

Present: Katherine Easton, Henda Pretorius, Jean Whitmore. Cheryl Rennick, John Geppart, Lori Beck, Jan Tooker, Linda Carlson, Sue Ranta, Mary Howell, Mandy Binder, Patricia Miller, Sharon Valencia and Judy Lutgen.

Katherine called the meeting to order at 1:00.  Sue read the minutes of the September meeting. There were no additions or corrections. Minutes are also posted on our web site.

Cheryl presented the Treasurer's Report.

Cheryl reported that there is a dues spreadsheet posted by the door and asked that everyone should check it out to see that your entry is correct.


Open House: Henda reported that our Open House was a big success with about 30 people stopping by. Catherine reported we had about $300 in sales of our weaving items.
Henda suggested that next year we schedule out event to coincide with the neighborhood event on a Sunday. Jan suggested we participate in the First Friday of the Month Art Walk and open our doors and meet our neighbors. We need to broaden our base and be better known.

Next year we will be at Westminster Presbyterian Church for our rug group display.

New Studio – Catherine voiced her concern that we would sink financially by overspending. We are paying our bills but not really making profits that we can count on for the future. We spent a total of $2100 over the $500 budgeted on flooring, two book shelves and numerous notebooks to help everyone find new sources of ideas for weaving.

John motioned that we pay Sue in full and we set up a campaign drive to recoup the amount. Seconded by Cheryl, Vote passed. John noted that we are a non-profit organization so donations made to HWGL are tax deductible.

Overshot project is progressing although a few members have not begun their patterns yet.

Southwest Crafts Fair: Saturday, October 13. Cost to be a vendor: $105. Admission fee is $1.00 if not working as a vendor. Our business cards will be displayed along with brochures.  There will be a silent auction to which we will donate one item.

Second Crafts Fair is at St. Mark’s Methodist (84th & Pioneers) on Saturday, November 10th.

Fall weaving and spinning classes are beginning October 13th with beginning weaving.
Advanced weaving will be taught by Cheryl and begins January 12. 

Spinning has become so popular an additional studio time has been added. Spinners now will meet second and fourth Thursdays in the evenings.

Jean Whitmore showed some beautiful hand painted silk scarves she made. She donated three to our crafts fair.

The Sheep to Shawl people will have a practice day in January.

Reminder: We have an election of officers at our December meeting. Bring Christmas treats to share

Sharon Vandenack has a showing at Burkholder of her weavings. The show runs from October 6-30.

Next meeting November 3 since we will be participating in the St Marks Crafts Fair on November 10th.

The Rug Group will learn about Theo Moorman technique on Saturday October 20th.

John moved we purchase much needed fire extinguishers for areas of the studio. Jean seconded. Vote unanimous.

Information for new members: 

Closing the studio:
*  Heaters Unplugged
*  Two thermostats – set each at 50°
*  Leave bathroom and storage room open to prevent frozen pipes.
*  All lights off – don’t forget the storage room too.
*  Radio and Coffee maker – unplugged.
*  Make sure both doors lock behind you as you leave.

If you are in the studio by yourself, lock yourself in. Turn on the outside light so someone knows you are inside.

Jan brought up our need for a professional website where we can all sell or weavings and display our wares.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 followed by instructions by John and Cheryl on the use of the computer program to generate patterns.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Ranta

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