HWGL Minutes August 11, 2012

Catherine called the meeting to order at 1:00.
Sue read the minutes of the previous meeting in July.

Cheryl found floor covering with cost estimate of $500-$700 plus costs labor to lay it.
Sue and Lori volunteered to be a committee for flooring to see what can be found and at what cost.
Victoria moved that we limit the cost of $500 installed cost for Lori and Sue to find us flooring. Seconded  by Cheryl. Vote was unanimous in favor.

We are  cleaning the studio all Saturdays with Saturday September 1 reserved for decorating and final projects to ready the studio for our Open House on September 8. Bring in samples of your weaving and spinning to display.

Food for Open House: - a sign up sheet was passed around. Bring finger foods that will not be messy. Coffee, tea and water will  be served for drinks.

There is a table with some yarn and thread and various other items available for the taking or it will go into the trash. The rug shuttles in the grab box just need sanding.

There is another large plastic bag with yarn in it. Take what you want, make a donation to the studio. There are also some books, an inkle loom. What is left over will be disposed of by Catherine who knows someone who will appreciate it.

We have two crafts fairs ahead (October 13 and November 10th) as well as the open house, so be sure to work on items to sell at these events.


Fall Beginning Weaving starts October 13th for 8 weeks.

Spindle Spinning starts October 14- November 18, 1:30 – 3:30.

Advanced weaving will be offered through the studio starts January 12th.

Beginning Weaving starts January 12, 2013 through March 2nd
Felting  for fun and profit – make things for the crafts sales. Saturday, September 29th workday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Sue will teach beginners. Others can start now if they wish as supplies, needles, foam, etc. are available at the studio. No cost except for multi needle hand tool.

Sheep to Shawl contest – June 2013
Estes Park, Colorado.
Start with a dressed loom and clean fleece. Must card, spin and then weave a shawl in the six-hour time limit. For more information, contact Catherine. Prize for winners.

John suggested we get looms sold that are taking up space.  Also, ask people who own looms that are at the studio but unused to please take them home. If you are not working on your loom, please take it home.
Cheryl noted we need better control of loom rentals and other big ticket items that are taken from the studio. Cheryl moved that Studio fees of $15 per month be charged to cover use of looms in the studio. Victoria seconded the motion with an addendum that if the fee is not paid, the studio has the right to cut the weaving off the loom. Too many looms have work on them that has not been touched in months or even years.

Catherine suggested putting the information on the spreadsheet we used to use. John volunteered to audit the spreadsheet. He noted that deposits for loom rentals are a problem. We rent looms on the honor system.

We did not participate in Camp Creek in Waverly due to the extreme heat.

Demo at Seward County Fair was good. Facility was air conditioned, people running the fair were nice and easy to work with. Some of us entered their creations in the judging and came home with four entries won.

Someone from Milford Settlers Day asked if we could do a demonstration at that event.

Victoria volunteered to contact the Lancaster County Fair to see about establishing a textile arts display area. Sue will help.

Meeting adjourned 2:10 pm

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