Rug Group Minutes Nov 10, 2007

HWGL Rug Group Meeting Minutes 11/10/07

Present: Shelda Baylor, Jean Whitmore, Jan Tooker, Judy Lutgen, Mary Barry (beginning student guest), Catherine Easton, Cheyrl Rennick, Shelly Wickham, Mary Howell and John Geppert.

Show and Tell

Jean has finished one piece for the show entitled “Compensation 3.” The piece is done in compensated inlay from the Collingwood workshop. The fiber is Crown Colony 2 ply wool.
Cheryl finished two baby blankets in Shadow Twill from the Davison Book. She also finished her first rug which is “pick and pick” boundweave in Harrisville wool.
Photos of the above pieces can be seen in the Show and Tell section of the Blog.
Shelda shared one of her designs for a tapestry for the show, quite an intricate piece with tapestry weave, feathered wedge weave and two layers. Catherine gave some suggestions on how use slits to incorporate the wedge weave and still allow the piece to lay flat. Any of you who have done wedge weave might share your experiences with Shelda to help with this design problem.
Jan shared her design for a wedding rug that she will use in the show. A contact of Jan’s is dying the wool for her.

Sources of Fiber

Jan mentioned a source of wool can be found at
Another source is

Documentary on Navajo Weaving

A documentary on Navajo weaving will run at the Ross theatre on the UNL campus
Weaving Worlds highlights Navajo tales of how the west was spun, exploring the personal stories of Navaho weavers and their complex relationship with reservation traders. The film examines the delicate balance between survival, economic independence and artistic motivation evident in the everyday lives of Navajo weavers.
The film is 60 minutes Nov 16 7:30 pm Filmmaker speaks after showing
Nov 17 5:20pm
Nov 23 7:05 pm
Nov 26 5:00 pm

Show Details

Bonnie has finished the boards to put your color pallet onto and will leave these at the Studio with an example of how they should look.

Color Quiz

John presented a mini program called the Color Quiz. A copy of the quiz will be placed at the Studio. Take the quiz and see how you view color.
The Next Rug Group Meeting will be Jan 26 at 10 AM at the studio

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