Guild Minutes October 13, 2007

Guild Minutes October 13, 2007

Present: Lori, Catherine John, Gary, Karen, Eva , Cheryl and Mary

Presenting: Sara Thim
Gary invited Sara Thim to demonstrate a rag rug technique on a fixed warp loom. A booklet “Rugs from Rags” from Country Threads on building the loom and doing the technique can be obtained from Mary Etherington at

Agenda items:

1. Members present voted to merge the Studio and Guild accounts. We didn’t have a quorum. Mary will send out a mail ballot so that everyone has an opportunity to vote on the issue. Paid Guild members will get a ballot in the mail and an explanation of the issue. Vote and return your ballots to
Mary Howell
6741 Southwest 25th
Lincoln, NE 68523

or put them in the envelop at the Studio (hanging on the blackboard)

2. We discussed fund raising ideas.
i) There is a craft fair on Wednesday afternoons at the South street Craft Fair. Members could sell and display artwork there to directly raise money and increase awareness for the weaving group.
ii) We could make indoor/outdoor rugs from the synthetic fibers at the studio and sell these.
iii) We need to advertise our presence.
a) make our Blog searchable
b) put up posters at craft stores , coffee shops ,etc.

Eva Bartlett agreed to work on a poster if the group gave her some ideas.

iv) Apply for grant money.

3. Need to vote to change the number present that constitutes a quorum. It’s currently 15 members which is too high. John recommends 20 percent of paid members.

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