Ida Pleines' Weavings

Ida Pleines was a long time Lincoln weaver and Guild member. She lived at home until her death at 100. Ida wove with fine threads and made weavings for the home with exceptional skill.

Here are some examples of her weavings

1. 4 harness twill rug cotton 8/4 warp. weft nylon knit pink.

2. 4 harness lace , spaced in the loom. fringe on 4 sides.

3. red and white cotton table cloth with matching napkins.

4. Block weave 4 harness

5. Honey Comb threaded on overshot threading 4 harness, cotton warp and weft table runner

6. Lace weave table runner

7. Pillow top 4 harness overshot. Novelty yarn , cotton warp

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