Rug Minutes Aug 25 2007

Rug Study Group Minutes- August 25, 2007

Present: Shelda Baylor; Lori Beck; Karen Cantrell; Paula Churchill; Catherine Easton; Claire Ehernberger; John Geppert; Liz Halsted; Bonnie Luckey;
Judy Lutgen; Jane Marie; Cheryl Rennick ; Jean Whitmore; Shelly Wickham ; Mary Zicafoose

Members brought inspiration pieces for the Hastings Show. Approximately 18 different items were presented. Members voted and the chosen piece was brought by Liz Halsted. The piece is
My Shanty, Lake George 1922
Georgia O’Keefe
Oil on Canvass

A photo of the piece will be posted on the website so that you can download it.

The hanging signs should include the following information, in this order:
Artist Name
Fiber Content
A group photo will be taken at the studio, when we bring our pieces, or before. Date to be announced.

The title of the show is tentatively “ Inspiration Pallet.”

Each artist will prepare a wrap board 2”x7” that includes the fibers he or she uses, evenly divided along the board. Bring these with you to the studio with your piece.
The boards to use will be at the studio for you to pick up.

Bonnie agreed to make the hanging signs for the show and get the wrap boards. Thanks Bonnie.

Key Dates for the Hastings Show
April 1, 2008 Sign information above to Bonnie
May 17, 2008 Finished Pieces (ready to hang) to the studio
June 7, 2008 Show Opening 5 pm – 8 pm

The show is at the Graham Gallery in Hastings (

We need to consider whether to have food at the opening. If so volunteers need to step forward to arrange this.

Dues for the Rug group are tentatively going to be raised to $10 for the year. New dues will be collected in January 2008.

Study Back in “Rug Study Group”

We agreed that we would have mini-talks four times during the upcoming year.

These will be short little presentations to expand our knowledge of rugs. The topics and dates are:

September 22 Navajo Rugs presented by John Geppert

November 10 Instant Indigo presented by Mary Zicafoos
Bring rubber gloves
Wool or silk

January 26 Theo Morman on Boundweave presented by Jan Tooker
(if she's willing)

March 8 To Be Announced volunteer wanted

All mini-talks are on Saturdays starting at 10 am.

Other Business

1. Mary Zicafoos participated in an interesting art exhibit at Fontenelle Forest in Omaha.
The show is entitled
“ Elements- Environmental Arts Exhibit.”
A dynamic outdoor exhibit exploring contemporary environmental issues.

Her piece is outdoors and can be seen from the boardwalk. The piece will be up for a
year. For details go to 402 731-3140.

2. Catherine Easton judged fiber arts at the Nebraska State Fair. Unfortunately there
weren’t any weavings entered by anyone. We should rectify this. Even if we enter pieces we
already have done. It would get our name out.

3. First Plymouth Church is sponsoring an art auction called aCross Lincoln to raise money for a variety of charities. The artists are to …. create artwork incorporating the symbol of the cross…. to render his or her own personal interpretation of the cross but also encourages artwork that incorporates other faiths in a positive way.

Important dates Artist Informational Meeting
Tuesday, September 4, 7:15 pm
First-Plymouth Church 20th and D street
Proposals for sponsorship are due October 17, 2007

Artwork will be displayed on First-Plymouth campus beginning February ,

Auction March 29, 2008

For more information contact Liz Shea-McCoy 402 430-5923

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