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Individual membership dues for the Guild are $35 for renewals, $30 for your first year. You can become a member by mailing a check made out to HWGL to:
John Geppert
420 S 26 St
Lincoln NE 68510
Please make this note in the memo line "2016 Guild Dues"

To renew annual Studio Fees of $180 ($90 for 6 months, or $18 monthly) send a check to the same address above. Mark the memo line "Studio Fees" and include the amount of time you're paying Studios Fees for (full year, 6 months, or which month or months).
You must be a paid Guild member for at least 6 months in order to be a Studio member. New member's Studio Fees are $150 for the first year ($75 for 6 months, or $15 monthly).
See below for more membership levels and renewal dues/fees.

Please print the following membership form to include with your check:


Address _______________________________________________________________

City _________________________________  State __________  Zip ______________

Phone _________________________________________________________________

Email address ___________________________________________________________

Desired Membership Level _________________________________________________

Dues/Fees amount enclosed ________________________________________________

Hand Weavers Guild of Lincoln – Membership Levels
Approved 5/11/2013

Membership Levels                    Renewal Guild          First Year Member              Renewed Studio              First Year Studio
                                                           Dues                             Dues                                   Fees                                   Fees
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
(2 adults living at the same address)
$35/yr. for first person & $10 for additional family member
$30/yr. for first person & $10 for second family member
$18/mo., or $90/6 mo., or $180/yr. for first person & 15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr. for additional family member
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr for first person & $10/mo., or $55/6 mo., or $100/yr. for  additional family member
Student (must be Full-Time college student, not H.S.)
$60/6 mo.

Honorary (80 yrs. of age & over and Guild member for 5 yrs. or more)
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
$100 - $999 annually
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
$18/mo., or $90/ 6 mo., or 180/yr.
$15/mo., or $75/6 mo., or $150/yr.
Member in Memorial (gifted in will)

Approved Leadership (providing a service to the Guild, i.e, teaching or opening/closing for an event)
Key access with one-time deposit fee of $30
Key access with one-time deposit fee of $30

Dues change - Date effective: January 2014
Guild dues are 50% of regular annual rate when joining July 1 through December.

Guild Membership
Studio Membership includes all Guild Membership benefits plus the following:
Library loans
Key to studio
Voting privileges
Check-out equipment
Access to interest groups (spinning, rug group, group projects, etc.)

Membership booklet


Purchase of yarns

Access to Interest Groups*

*If interest group involves continued use of studio equipment, studio membership is required.

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