Studio Rules and Procedures

To have a key:
Membership of Guild
Pay Studio use fee
Must have either completed a 6-week class or used the studio (with paid studio use fee) for 6 months prior to receiving key.
Record key on envelope in briefcase
Check and make sure they work
Two lock system, inner door and outside door

Follow closing procedures:
All heaters unplugged
All lights off
In winter thermostats left at 50 degrees (one in classroom, one in north room)
Windows closed and locked
Radio off
Bathroom door open

To check out materials, not books (library rules near library)
Sign list on clipboard hanging on supply shelves in southwest room with name and item and date
When returning cross out name and add date returned

To check out a loom:
Put your deposit for the loom in the box in the classroom cupboard ($75 for table looms and $450 for a floor loom)
There is a monthly fee of $15 for checking out looms. $15 minimum.
When looms are returned retrieve your check

To use a loom at the studio:
Sign card on loom or add card if one is missing then add name
If done with loom mark open
If continuing on same loom add your name again
If done with loom clean up loom and area around it
When using one of the prewarped looms use lace on method of tie up
Pay for warp used and be prepared to help rewrap loom
There are no sacred cows. We would prefer to use up warp on looms before changing them to something else.
If there is a loom threaded with something you want to try and someone else is weaving on it, leave a note so they know you want the threading after them

If you have a loom occupied a studio use fee is expected

If your personal loom is here all above rules apply to it

Pay for materials used off shelves

All food stuffs in Studio communal unless marked hands off

Wash up dishes used and put away

Bertha’s files stay in house but may be copied as you want, pay for copies

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